Guidance Is Knocking As You Read This

Life is an amazing journey if you and I are present to it.  Each day offers us the beauty and the simplicity of all that surrounds us if we take the time to notice.  If we are open in our hearts there is love, joy and gratitude in most everything.  Peace is waiting also if we show up in our lives free of the agenda from yesterday or for tomorrow.  All that is possible becomes possible by living mindfully whether, going to work, working out, cooking a meal, loving those we share the day with or seeking guidance.   The guidance part is of particular interest as I write this because in the moment there is always available to us the direction we need.  
A few days ago I shared a story in group, at the treatment program, about a friend who went searching for some personal guidance about where he was to go for further growth.  He received a direct message from a very unlikely place, his television.  A minister, he did not know nor would ever actually watch on TV, was saying something about going to India so he stopped the channel surfing and listen for a few minutes.  The minister then looked directly into the camera and said Jonathan (my friends name) you need to go to India. That led him on a powerful journey to India that deeply enriched his life.

Today I received a phone call from one of my clients in that group where the story was told and she enthusiastically wanted to tell me about an experience she had.  She said remember that story about your friend who went to India.  Guess what happened to me?  She then said yesterday she was having a bad day and feeling very sorry for herself.  Early recovery for addicts is often like that.  She had lost her ability to drive due to some of her addict issues and she really was tired of asking for rides from her parents and riding the bus.  She declared, "I am going to get a job, buy myself a car again and drive anyway even I am not suppose to."  I listened and hoped she wouldn't but this is where the story gets good. 
She was standing outside of an office where she had an appointment in a few minutes.   She was crying, smoking a cigarette and feeling lousy.  As she stood there a guy on a bike she did not know came by and spoke directly to her.  He said, "Driving would not be a good idea and it would not work for you."  He rode off.  She took a few moments to ponder what he said and then in a flash of insight she realized that she was being guided.  She felt much better after that. 

There is always guidance waiting for us if we are mindful, present, open and quiet enough to listen. 

Peace Letter #31

Dear Mr. President

Your speech was excellent and a reminder of why people got out to vote for you.  Yes your job is incredibly challenging and we applaud you for being willing to take it on.  Those that complain about you don’t have the courage to make a difference.  You do and that is inspirational.

The middle class is what makes this nation work and unless we are looked out for, all the money in the world won’t matter.  Reducing costs makes sense and are what is right to do.  Please make your number one priority, reducing the cost of war, not the services needed by the less fortunate. 

We of reasonable minds not blinded by ideology stand in support of you and a better tomorrow.   

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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