10 Questions To Expand Our Higher Thinking

This week has seemed disjointed because of my work changes and some other possible opportunities.  There is so much unknown ahead so I thought, what are some basic questions that are good to review when I need to expand into thinking bigger and more openly? 
Here are 10 questions that will invite you and I to take a deeper look at things and push us toward a clearer focus as we head into the further mysteries of life:
    1.    Who is the "I" when you think of yourself?
    2.    What if anything is limiting you from spreading the infinite love of your heart?
    3.    What is the knowing in you that is beyond your busy mind?
    4.    Do we have to suffer?  If not how come we end up causing our suffering?
    5.    Where else would you find happiness other than the now?
    6.    Does the God many tell us to follow really have a religion, support male dominance, insist we accept certain dogma and beliefs?
    7.    What matters most to you?
    8.    Explain this: "You are not in the world, the world is in you."
    9.    Where are you going in your life?
    10.    Who do you want to become?

These questions are asking us to be more awake to who we are and what is the potential within all of us.

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Enjoy your weekend. 

Peace Letter #32

Dear President Obama

Now the question is how do we take your ideas and inspiration from your State of the Union and turn them into positive action?  There is so much to do with the chaos of egos in the Senate knocking heads and lobbyist filling the hallways.

Let’s be totally honest - the war effort is a major drain.  There is no good war in the mess we are in no matter how much you try to rationalize Afghanistan.  We need to move from military action to compassionate action and most of resources will be liberated to do good both there and at home.  Many of the people of this nation are suffering and they are the #1 priority.

Now is the time to push in the right direction,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact