The World Is In You

It was good for me to pose yesterday’s 10 question because it got me thinking about who I am at my essence and what my priorities are at this point in my life.  I also understand more clearly that my heart and my spirit are where my focus needs to be.  There is also a clear desire to by more expansive and inclusive in my thinking; that is why I like the statement: "I am not in the world, the world is in me."

Let’s explore some of these ideas from my present level of consciousness.  Today as I sit here writing I am aware of a calm impartiality that has grown with my mindful practice.  That impartiality allows me to be present with my thoughts, ideas, desires and emotions free from judging.  I am accepting of myself. 

I understand that I have two powerful forces guiding my expression and my exploration of the world.  I have my heart and its compassion and caring and I have my spirit that has limitless resources and wisdom.  When I live from my heart and spirit I am free to enjoy the peace, love and happiness of the now.  If my ego-mind is in charge I experience suffering.  This is a no-brainer of what is best for me.

“The world is in me,” is such a far out statement that my thinking is left grasping.  If I go to the higher knowing within I can sense what that feels like and know it to be true.  The proud ego says, “Of course the whole world is inside of me. “  The Higher Self hums in resonance with this truth. 

That is enough about me and my experiment called Life.  Let’s tune into your experiment with life and what you are exploring:

•    What about you, where are you awakening and realizing the higher states of awareness? 
•    What have you learned lately that set you freer to be? 
•    What is the next step toward your higher expression that you sense growing in you?
•    Where in life are you expanding and where are you yet contracting?
•    What lifts you up into your spiritual self?
•    Where does you heart long to express more of your unlimited supply of love?

Let the force of spirit and heart be with you. 


Peace Letter #33

Dear President Obama

Your work with the GOP in Baltimore was masterful.  Your first year on the job has left you well informed about the issues and the challenges.  The Office of the Presidency is so demanding and thankfully you have the skill set and the mind to thrive.  Your restraint in responding to the small mindedness of those who have no idea of the big picture was remarkable.  Your face showed the holding back of anger and the consciousness to rise above the pettiness of politics.  You are the right person in the right place at the right time.  Thank you.

Now would you be willing to rethink the war effort especially in Afghanistan.  This is not about winning; this is about rising about of the rubble of human thinking that since the beginning of wars has been nothing but a disaster.  Humans have so much more to offer than weapons and death.  Let’s focus on real help, which would feed and house people and turn the Afghani people into grateful friends. 

Would you please have that same kind of talk with the Democrats also because they all appear intoxicated with an elixir blended from influence money and power. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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