Are You Afraid Of Opening Your Heart?

Is this sign posted in front of your heart?

Love is the most important experience you can have as a human being. When your heart is open you get to be with yourself in a loving way; you get to be with others in a way that expands you as a person.  The ability to love may be our greatest human quality.  

Love is the opportunity to explore your higher nature.  The heart gives us intelligence beyond the thinking mind.  The knowing heart is a powerful guide for creating the life you desire.  

When the heart is open, you are able to experience compassion for others as well as yourself.  Compassion is an advance state because your heart allows you to go beyond concern for just you and your family.  With compassion you can be accepting of a diversity of ideas, points of view, and ways of being in the world.   The overall health of the humanity and the planet is only possible if compassion is a guiding force.  With an open heart there is no limit to what you and the rest of us can do for each other.  Love contains the answers to all human problems.  

Knock! Knock! Knock!
  (My hand knocking on the inside of your computer screen.)  If you don’t let others in, it is time to now even if it is scary.  Holding out on the rest of us isn’t making you happy and it is leaving the rest of us out of what you have to give.  

Sometime as you know the experience of love can seem painful.  Is it love that is painful or is it the expectations of ego-mind that cause you to feel hurt?  Love only hurts from seeking to control, from not accepting differences, from contracting in fear of loss and other forms of not letting go and loving.  

Love does not hurt; love opens you to be in the world full of joy and comforted by the flow of love in your life.  

Here is an assignment to expand your heart, take it on if you feel courageous enough to do so.  First feel all that you feel with an open heart.  Share your feelings of love towards others.  Be caring to someone who would appreciate it.  Practice acts of kindness towards those at work.  Do something to show a dose of extra love to your partner, child or friend.  Give in some way that would push you out of your comfort zone.  Each time you do one of these expressions of love, take a few minutes to appreciate how loving kindness feels inside of you.

You love is needed in the world so please give as much as you can each day.  

Peace Letter #34

Dear Mr. President,

In a very simple way all the problems in this nation and on the planet can be resolved if we practice loving kindness.  Yes it may sound too simplistic, if only it was as easy as it sounds.  

If both parties acted with kindness towards each other then we could all sit down together and find solutions.

If all nations acted with kindness towards each other then all wars would come peacefully to an end.

If all beliefs acted with kindness towards each other there would be no need to judge or condemn different points of view.

Please do not underestimate the power of loving kindness: in your work towards healthcare for all; in trying to contain extremism; in shrinking the corporate influence and their need for power; and for extricating us from the wars that entangle us today.

May your heart be courageous in the most trying of times.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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