In Times Of Uncertainty, What Do We Do?

What to do in the face of uncertainty?  These times make many of us feel uncomfortable.  Are you feeling that too?   What is going on that makes thing seem so uncertain?
    *    Our government is a mess of political nonsense and bickering.  The party out of power wants the party in power to fail especially in the White House. 
    *    The economic system is collapsing in its present form because it is driven only by profits and the accumulation of power.
    *    Those that represent the insurance interests have bought out real Healthcare reform.
    *    Those that call themselves the religious right are filled with judgment towards others and the mistaken belief of their moral superiority. 
    *    The people are filled with self-doubt and unrest over the way things are because they actually believe their own ego obsession with replaying the past and anxiously planning for the future. 
    *    There is a war going on and this is very unsettling to all who participate and their families. 
    *    Unemployment or the threat of it is costing many their peace of mind.
    *    There are a small group of religious extremists that want to disrupt that status quo and this has many people are edge. 
    *    The planet is showing the results of human waste and neglect.
    *    Those who have been battered and abused as children have few options to help them break from the cycle of violence. 
    *    Substance abuse is rampant because for many "numbing out" seems like the best way to deal with the insanity of the world.

Where is the hope? The mind has little to offer when the challenges are so complex.  Our thinking is too often is run by the fear of the unknown or what seems uncontrollable.  Our hearts are better resources when the mind is boggled with too many words but even in the depth of compassion there is the need for a quieter knowing. 
The following is a picture of a spiritual person who understands that the solutions to the world's problems are not located outside of ourselves but instead resides in the power of the moment in each of us.  To make contact with the now we must find a way to sit in quiet contemplations where all the true knowing exists.  The silence offers the solutions to all that needs to be understood from our higher nature.  
This drawing comes from the wonderful collection of Mary Scrimgeour a local artist here in Boulder.

Peace Letter #35

Dear Mr. President,

One day at a time, please move forward with the highest human wisdom, guided by your compassion heart and trusting that higher consciousness will eventually be the principle force for this nation and the planet. 

You stand as our leader and we are grateful.  There are many who have the true capacities of higher knowing and compassion and we stand with you also.  Together in consciousness we will all transform the present into a world where every human being is given the best opportunity to find peace, love and happiness.

Stand strong and feel the positive energy of all of us who support you.  

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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