Today date has something magical or at least interesting about it.  I had to write about it although I am unsure what so I will let the Great Source of Inspiration work through me as I write today. 

I am sure in numerology this set of numbers would be meaningful but I don’t understand numerology.  Maybe some of my readers do and can lend their knowledge and theories.

It has to mean something positive or lucky because this is a once in many lifetimes special date.  Maybe that is just a thought and it will be only as lucky as my thoughts are.  Since thoughts are attractive forces I could be onto something that is at least possible.

Maybe this is a portal into enlightenment where everyone awake enough to pay attention can become awakened today.  Boy that would be a good thing because these times could use a great big dose of enlightenment. 

Or it could indicate 30, or multiplied 1000 or what would 10 squared by 10 squared by 10 squared equal?  Numbers are always interested and people who are bright with numbers and formulas of numbers have some kind of mind power I have yet to discover.  Maybe it is a lesson in humility about what we don’t yet understand and how much potential we have yet to explore.

Anyway as you can see I have no answers but I do have a plan.  I am going to buy some lottery tickets today in case there is luck in this day.  I am going to be open to enlightenment.  I will be humble in the face of mathematical understanding and for all the wisdom I have yet tapped into.  And finally I am going to appreciate what this day brings me. 

Enjoy and may this day be special in a way that delights you.  Let me know what was special about this day for you.

Be sure and read yesterdays post because these 8 steps to freedom will greatly enhance the rest of your life even if 10-10-10 does not.

Or maybe it is the long lost secret formula for world peace.  Be peaceful and spread your peace, consciousness and compassion to ten people who spread it to ten more and then those spread it to ten more and on and on and we will have world peace soon.