Eight Steps To Personal Freedom

Yesterday I wrote about freedom and how important it is for me and I am sure for you.  The world is kind of crazy these days and so many easily give up their freedoms because they live in fear.   They give up freedom: to credit card companies who put them in debt; to government by allowing themselves to be spied on; to corporations by working more hours just to keep their jobs; to religious organizations because they find it easier to be told what to believe; to political points of view that make little sense but are anti government; to their thoughts which are often totally out of control but take too much effort to reign in; to relationships that are not working but they fear being along; and many other less that freeing circumstances. 

We have all found ourselves caught up in situations that are not working and confining but sometimes it takes a while to get untangled.  Let me suggest that together we set out on a course that will take us to more freedom.  Each step along the way will ask us to be aware and to make healthy choices.  Now let’s look at 8 dynamic steps that will assist us all in having more freedom in our lives.


  1. Take back your mind from the craziness of its thoughts.  Learn about mindfulness and figure out a way to practice it in some form everyday.  You are not your thoughts even though they may convince you at times that you are.  You are much more than even your best thoughts can imagine.
  2. Make a thorough investigation of all your beliefs because most of them are not true.  Beliefs limit freedom by holding us back, by limiting what we think is possible, and often by putting us down.  These beliefs are of no use and false.
  3. Give up trying to get people to accept you because that will never happen.  The approval of others really doesn’t matter.  What matters is who you are as a person.  Are you genuine, are you thoughtful, are you kind and compassionate, are you creative, are you supportive of others.  These matter and will surround you with people worth spending time with.
  4. Make it your goal to enjoy life, to have fun, to be playful and to be happy.  There is no way that “things” can bring your true happiness.  Joy comes from your relationships, your willingness to be real with others, living passionately, and from doing what matters most to you.
  5. Find ways to open your heart and to give more of yourself.  Yes having an open heart can seem like risky business at times but the being closed down is miserable and numbing.  Your ability to love is endless and if you find ways to give love you will find lots of love come your way.
  6. Be respectful and accepting of all your emotions.  Some definitely are not pleasant but they are your truth in the moment.  If you shape your thoughts to generate feelings that are hopeful, appreciative, compassionate, inspirational, you will find your life is a joy to live. 
  7. Take care of your body.  Yes it needs tune-ups and to be used actively, it needs a good stretch regularly, it needs high-octane fuel (healthy diet), it needs stress reducing practices and it needs lots of rest.  A well cared for and loved body will carry you along smoothly over a lifetime.
  8. Lastly build a relationship with your higher nature, your intuitive knowing, your spirit.  The more you find ways to access this part of you that is infinite and unlimited, the more free you will feel.  Your spirit is totally and completely free and the more you open to it the more you will untie the knots of life’s limitations.

May we be free, free at last of our own limitations.