Each Of Us Needs To Explore and Express In Our Own Way

TGIF!  It has been a slow and sometimes frustrating week and I am trying to figure out how to make the best with what I got.  I find it interesting to experience myself as having way too much time on my hands at work and a big desire to do more that is meaningful.  So this situation got me thinking about how I can more successfully adjust to what is? Here is best understand of these circumstance as of the moment I write this.

Freedom is very valuable to me and owing an organization 40 hours per week is causing me discomfort.  Yes I realize I am not that different than a majority of people on the planet who also work for others.  So I am thinking and intuiting what am I to do with what is?  Time is a gift for doing things but sometimes more like a lazy river meandering nowhere fast.  What am I to do with this gift and how do I learn to flow with the river at its pace? 

What immediately comes to mind is what more can I give?  How can I use mindfulness to be ok with what is?  What do I have to offer that is yet unclear in me?  How can I open even further to my spirit’s guidance?  Where can I make a difference?  Who needs my support and encouragement? 

If it is time to make a change, how do I do it in a way that works both for myself financially and purposefully?  My ideal is financial freedom, a well-funded Peace-Together Foundation, lots of time to write, teach and still provide some direct services.  I am open this day to be clearly guided to what I am to do next, where I am to go and how I can make more of a difference? 

That’s my ideal, what is yours?  Are you where you want to be?  Do you know where you want to go?  What is your soul guiding you to do?  When was the last time you too a big risk and should I also consider this?  Do you and I have to walk out on the edge to push ourselves past our fears to see what we need to see?

As usual the questions are flying but the answers lie within.  Please remember one thing from what I share here today, it is imperative each of us finds our own way free from the false beliefs of others and the huge pressure to comply from society.  If you closely examine the situation the world is in and ask the questions that need to be ask, you will arrive at a similar conclusion to the one I have, that is, we are not even close to having the answers and solutions we need for humanity and the planet and anyone that is absolutely sure they know what is right for all of us should be questioned and most likely ignored.

May the light of insight shine brightly.