Is Your Mind Stuck On A Dangerous Ideology?

Since writing briefly about ideology yesterday my mind kept on thinking about reasons we need to be more aware of the impact of those who are run by their ideologies.  Ideology is too often a blinding force that locks down minds and closes a person capacity for compassion.  In these times ideology drives people: to turn themselves in to bombs; to kill doctors and feel righteous; and to spread hate towards those that have different thoughts then they do.  Ideology is an illness of the mind caused by rigidity of thinking and a disconnection from one’s heart.

There is much to be concerned about since ideology is a gaining force in the world today.

Ideologues are:

  • Sure they are right - They are not however right because no ideology is right. This kind of thinking is too rigid and inflexible.
  • Sure everyone else should believe as they do – This kind of ego driven viewpoint never is the truth and makes everyone else wrong.
  • Closed-minded and not willing to see others points of view – A closed mind is a sure sign that things are not right or healthy.
  • Will live by their beliefs even if they destroy their relationships and isolate them from people who care – Others cannot stay connected to those that have lost touch with themselves and their hearts.
  • Able to rationalize their behavior no matter how out of control it gets – The mind is cleaver at making even the most ridiculous ideas ok that is why being alive enough to feeling and be aware are so important to keep us in touch with the wisdom within.
  • Filled with blame and anger towards those who question them – Ideologist dislike being questioned because they cannot argue logically for their beliefs because these beliefs are not logical.
  • Willing to bully those who are different than they are – Lately in the news has been the story of people being bullied for being different, they are being bullying because of the heartless ideology of others.
  • Willing to die for their cause – Just the idea of willing to die for a cause needs to be questioned, is this about dying to prove they are right?
  • Willing to go to war with those who think differently than they do – War is insanity caused by ideology that insists on being right and eliminating opposition.
  • Willing to kill others in the name of their ideology – This is the ultimate in self-deception and rationalization, all humans know it is wrong to murder others but an ideologue thinks they know better than everyone else and are above the societies values.

Many of us have a variety of points of view but we are not attached to being right or so sure everyone else in wrong and we don’t hate or seek to harm others who think differently.   The most important thing to remember is that our thoughts are just our thoughts and they should never be in charge of our life.