What Growth Edge Are You Wanting To Explore

Recently I heard a couple of interviews of William Buhlman who specializes in exploring out of body experiences (OBE’s) as a pathway to higher consciousness and the highest expression of the human potential.  Both at Sounds True (see ad to the right) and Theatre of the Mind have interviewed William because he really represents leading edge human exploration.  If you Google him you will see that he is getting out there to share is experiences and also to invite others to go exploring in this unique way. 

I wish I could say that I have had OBE’s but that is not something I have experienced.  This exploration however is very intriguing because he says it is a powerful way to experience true freedom.  As you know from reading my blog that freedom is of great interest to me.  The idea of being out of the restrictions of the physical body and back to my more natural state of expanded awareness is something I will checkout further and share with you as I go exploring. 

This urge to go exploring is growing and from what I can figure out there are aspects of me that want to be expressed.  Life is such a wonderful experiment and I want to go see where I can go next. 

Work is going to get more interesting again as the treatment side opens up and I get to go back to doing my regular job.  The challenges of helping those in the beginning stages of recovery from addiction are intense and also rewarding when clients do well.  Two of my clients from the past just completed one year of sobriety and are doing very well.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Yet the seeker in me is calling and I have things to learn, to explore, to create, to expand into, to be more aware and conscious of.  Maybe I will go to some OBE’s or explore a deeper aspect of Shamanism or Taoist Meditation that call me.  What whisper has been getting louder in you?  Where is your growth edge and are you on it, tentative or in avoidance?

Have a good weekend and take some time to see what is inside of you that wants to come more to the surface.