Late To Avatar – A Call To Wake up

Over the weekend I finally saw Avatar and I must say, as all of you have seen it would most likely agree, it seemed like a familiar story in our recent history.  Going after precious metal (oil) and having the military do what they do well, act aggressively and kill people who get in their way.  This is the story of corporate interests enforced by the military attacking people out of greed.  Yes I know this is just a story but it is an old, sad and destructive story that we need to all agree to change. 

Oh by the way, I hear there is a very precious metal in Northern Afghanistan that is used in cell phones.  That would make sense that we are there out of corporate interests because it does not make sense for any of the reasons we are being told.  From my viewpoint this war has to be profitable to someone or we would not be there.  I see our soldiers as ponds and it seems very sad to me that many will be deeply disturbed by their experiences there.  The suicide rate in the military is alarming and those who will have PTSD from their time in Iraq and Afghanistan may suffer for the rest of their lives.  Think of this sad impact on their families and their communities? 

War is ugly and insane and yet our leaders keep putting our nation into these situations and our military in harms way.  This is unacceptable to me, is it unacceptable to you also?  Isn’t it time we said “NO” to any more wars.  Who said, “We have met the enemy and he is us?”  I just looked this up on the web and it is from a cartoon and the character who said that was Pogo.  A cartoon, isn’t that interesting because there is nothing funny about this timely quote except that we are doomed to repeat it until we wake up. 

It is time we all wake up to:

  • The power in each of us, which is much greater than we have yet been willing to step fully into
  • The reality that war is always for something other than the greater good and yet so many fall for the same old snow job of our leaders and the opinionaters who fuel the fire for war, through hate, fear, anger etc.
  • The truth that corporate interests are the not the interests of the people but only of those who profit, corporations should not have legal rights other than those that are guaranteed to do no harm
  • The sad truth that humanity now has the capacity to wipe itself out a hundred times over and it is only a matter of time unless we say “no” to the fear mongers and instead build relationships that can truly resolve the problems of the world
  • The realization that greed is the major controlling force in the world today and we have to change that or it will bring us all down
  • The great danger of those who lead who have lost touch with their hearts and their ability to have compassion for the ordinary people they serve not the money influence, and remember “we are the leaders we are looking for”
  • The Tea Party is about anger and it is a reflection of some basic truth which is that there is reason to be angry but the focus of that anger is misplaced because government isn’t the problem but those that buy influence really want you to believe that
  • The right to healthcare for all, the right to prosperity for all not just a few, the right to the end of wars and its drain on the prosperity of our nation, the right to have a genuine freedom of beliefs, and so much more that gets pushed aside to support the status quo
  • The dangers of fundamentalism (Muslim, Christian etc.) and of any belief system are obvious if we pay attention because they seem to want to beat everyone into submission
  • The answer is not more jails, in the US we represent 6% of the population of the world but we imprison 33% of those in prison and 80-95% of the people in prison are victims of abuse and trauma as children, we are locking up the people we have allowed to be abused
  • The misinformed idea that unchecked capitalism is a good idea when in fact it is economic suicide for the middle class and that free trade isn’t free trade because it only benefits those that get wealthy from it.
  • The emptiness of those who shout opinions full of fear, full of blame, full of hate, full of anger on the radio and the sadness that anyone would actually believe the toxicity of their ideas
  • The idea that there are solutions and we are endlessly creative and resourcefulness to come up with them
  • The idea that there is hope, the hope lies not in our ego-minds but in our hearts and our higher nature

There is much more to add to this list but the purpose of the list is to remind ourselves that today is the day to do something positive, creative and solutions oriented for the good of humanity from the wisdom of our heart and the light of spirit.  

This is the time and you are the person these times call upon to be what you are here to be with boldness, wisdom and heart.