The Energy Of Aliveness Is Calling Today

The wind has been blowing hard all night and as I ready for my run it is still blowing very hard.  I feel like the wind so it will be good to travel with it.  Like the wind I have places to go and things to explore.   I am restless with the politics that jam around in my head.  I hunger for more ideas that will work with people who are stuck.  I grow weary of trying to be a better person.  I bore myself sometimes by being too tame.  I don't want to listen anymore to the mindless comments of heartless fools.

If you could only hear the noise in my mind that cries out for what is real, that tires over the boredom of things as they should be, that cringes at the ignorance of hate and anger driven thought, that is easily tired by the fearful because they victimize themselves.  Yes my mind is noisy and rambunctious. I really set my intention not to be judgemental but my mind generates emotions in responses to what is just plain old ideas that never work, bad history, unconscious ramblings, and the ignorance of numbed hearts. 

At the same time I have come to appreciate that life is so rich and there is so much in me and all of us that is yet unrealized.  Today I am restless and I suspect so are you.  I have to go for more than the mundane, more than the status quo, more than my programming to play it safe. 

How about you, where are you playing it safe? Are you bored with the limiting repetition of your own mind?  Where are you allowing yourself to stay too long?  Where do you want to head to next?  Where are you called to stir things up?

Let me suggest a few ideas here to stir up the bee’s nest of the mind so the buzz vacates:

Stop what you are doing during the day even for a few minutes and become aware of all your senses can take in, smell the smells, see the sights, hear the music of life, feel the flow of energy, taste the wonder of flavors and just enjoy.

Take a slow relaxed breath in for 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 then 1 as the breath pauses and then on the breath our 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 then 1 on the next pause.  Do this breath for 10 cycles.  This slow watchful breath will alter your state in nurturing and calming ways.

Take a walk outside, even in the middle of a busy city, and notice what parts of nature are visible and make visual and tactile contact and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.  If nature is not available at least appreciate the beauty of human creation or the wonder of a real smile.

As the day winds have a practice like mindful walking or relaxed movements like Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga and slow the mind, body, and emotions to a place where peace is possible.  The energy of quiet moment can be deeply soothing and encourage restful sleep.

Today is another day back at it and I feel ready to enjoy what is present in the moment.   I also understand that all the dissatisfaction comes from wanting to be other than the now.