Putting Your Attention To Work

There has been more of an edge for me lately because I sense things are changing in a positive direction and sometimes I loose touch with the present.  I have been looking to see what might happen in the future and thereby pull myself out of the now.  Positive anticipation and hopefulness are two healthy mental states but can distract me from being present.  I am noticing these future focused tendencies lately and acknowledge them and now see what will help me be more mindful.

The journey of a human being is so complex and yet so simple.  The complexities are because you and I have so much going on in our heads and emotionally.  What is simple is that none of our complexity needs to run us unless we don’t pay attention. 

Here is are some attention reminders you might find helpful:

Each day start by setting your intention – intentions are powerful and will shape your life, so set your mind and put it on paper the results you want to create.  Ex. Today I will be present to my emotions throughout the day, acknowledging and appreciating all I feel.

Focus your attention on what you want to happen – where you put you attention will shape what you experience, so if you put your attention on keeping your thoughts positive, you will have a positive experience of your day.

Affirmations - Affirmations are messages to self that encourage a positive frame of mind – affirmations build a positive mental and emotional charge within that supports what you want to experience.  Ex. Today I am filled with energy and enthusiasm for life.

AM or PM practice – this is a practice or activity that is enriching for mind, body, emotions, and/or spirit.  You can find a class or DVD on many practices that would be very enriching for your life including tai chi, yoga, martial arts, relaxation, mindfulness, art (painting, song writing, sculpture, writing, design etc), fitness, meditation, emotional well-being, nature appreciation, focusing techniques, personal development classes and many others.

Midday reminders  - simple quick tune-ins, briefs encounters with self that get you back on track.  Tuning into the breath (following the inhale and exhale is the simplest reminder and nothing other than awareness is needed.   Grounding exercises are also very helpful as are short walks and stretching.

Give these attention expanders time to develop and soon your mind will always be present and there you find much happiness and peace.