Don’t Forget To Vote And Enjoy Life

Yesterday I voted by mail and it felt good to be part of democracy.  This I believe is the 21st time in my life I have voted in 11 presidential elections.  In my first presidential election I voted for Hubert Humphrey.   The elections in the non-presidential years are also very important and I encourage you to be sure and vote this year.  Our nation needs as many thoughtful voters as possible, this is not the time to vote in protest because leadership is needed even if it isn’t exactly who you want. 

There is a newsletter I receive by email every day that offers great courses reasonable priced on topics of personal development called  I am doing the Money Magnet course, which is very energizing and I look forward to sharing with you how great the 30 day program works.

Last night I took a break from all I do to enjoy my favorite distractions this time of year, watching the Portland Trail Blazers.  Since their was an NBA team in Portland, I have been a fan and even though on a bigger picture sports doesn’t matter that much, it is sure fun to watch them play and winning is even better.  They are undefeated so far at 2 and 0.

I am all over the place in my post today.  I am taking a long weekend coming up and I am looking forward to taking some time to just walk in nature, play and enjoy life.  After I wrote this I took a nice walk late into the night and it was very nurturing to relax and deepen my breath and to take in the cool and refreshing air.  As I have written often just being in nature is so healing. 

I hope you have a great day today and if you get a chance do some things you enjoy and that are nurturing for you.