A Day Mostly Without Words

Yesterday was a day mostly without words.  I went for a long hike and played golf all afternoon and had a quiet dinner with my wife.  My mind had become very noisy and I knew it would benefit from the healing energy of four of my favorite activities: being in nature, walking mindfully, silence and having fun. 

What works for you when you need a time out, when your mind is running on over load? 

Let me say few words about why each of these activities is so powerful in healing at a number of levels:

Boulder Colorado is a beautiful place because nature is all around us including high plains, sharp rock faces, mountains, stream, forests and trails everywhere for walking, running and biking.  All I have to do is go out my door and in a matter of minutes I an in nature.  I am so blessed.  Being in nature especially surrounded by trees and away from the hustle and bustle of life feels so nice.  I naturally slow down in nature.  I feel the nurturing qualities of nature as I walk or sit in a place where the beauty and energy of the natural world envelops me.  

Next time you feel overwhelmed, do yourself a favor and go for a walk or sit in a park and be healed by the beauty and energy of nature.

Walking mindfully for me means that I am aware of myself as I walk.  This awareness includes feeling my feet touch the ground, inviting my breath to deepen, and pay attention to what is going on inside including guidance from my intuition or higher nature.  This type of walking is not about getting somewhere but about the journey step-by-step and about being fully present.  Again like being in nature, I naturally slow down when I walk mindfully.  This slowing down is about breaking the pattern of hurry and go-go-go.  As I practice walking mindfully I can also open to be aware of the beauty around me.  Mindful walking can be done anywhere including a shopping mall even in the midst of so much distraction but outdoors is so much better. 

Take 10-20 minutes this weekend to just walk quietly and see how it feels inside.

The world you and I live in is full of words, ideas, beliefs and thoughts and if I don’t take time for silence or to quiet down then the noise can be overwhelming.  My work is noisy with people, the noise of their own thoughts, and my mind working to help them.  I listen (CD’s, podcasts, books on cd’s) and read a lot since I figure there is always more I can learn to be better at what I do.  Some days the words and noise are way too much.  Silence is calming, soothing and renewing.  I am very grateful for the moments and minutes I get to spend in quiet silence or contemplation. 

Are you ok with silence and spending time within? If so, do so every day; if not, begin by turning off the TV, mp3 players, radio, CD’s and get to know yourself through quiet times.

Fun is my favorite way to go through life.  We are here to be happy and to have fun, no matter what anyone else says, this I am sure is true.  As a mental health professional I see so many people who are not having fun but seeking it in all the wrong places.  Getting high or being addicted is not really fun ask anyone who has to have more to feel just ok.  Fun and happiness come from inside and spread outward not from things or what I am doing.  Let me state that in another way:  I have fun no matter what I do if I am in a positive space to enjoy.  Fun and happiness can only happen in the now and in truth naturally occur from me being present to what I am doing. 

What makes you happy, what is fun for you?  Are you willing to be present to having at least some fun every day?