What Is Your Sistine Chapel Waiting To Be Created?

It is late and I am sitting down to write a first draft of tomorrow’s post.  I just watched the new Sherlock Holmes Series on PBS Masterpiece Theatre, which takes place in modern times in England and it’s fun to watch, full of mystery as it was in the past.  TV is not something I spend much time with but this kind of programming is worth enjoying. 

My three days off have been renewing with a long meditative runs and walks inspired by the author of Chi Running and Chi Walking, Danny Dreyer over at Sounds True.  Check out his interview on their free podcast series called Insights At The Edge (see ad to the right).   There seems to be so much to explore lately that I can’t keep up and when I actually take time to practice what I am learning it really makes a difference.

My intention was also to do so drawing this weekend because it seems to me that drawing balances the hemispheres of the brain or something equally calming.  Maybe it is just being fully present to the activity that is powerful but I suspect the drawing itself is also a significant activity.  Have you ever been to the Sistine Chapel and seen the magnificent work of Michelangelo? It will make you jaw drop for a very long time.  If you read any accounts of this work you will quickly understand that he had to be in some kind of altered state to accomplish what he did mostly painting on his back for sometimes over 20 hours a day.  This is not a way to relax but is obviously a way to explore one’s potential and one’s ability to overcome what for many would be an impossible physical task why creating amazing beauty.  Irving Stone wrote a book about Michelangelo, The Agony and the Ecstasy, it is well worth your time to read it and be inspired by his passion.

What Sistine Chapel in you is waiting to be created?  How has fear stopped you from taking on the work of your life?  Does the masterpiece of our lives take great suffering?  Not necessarily but it won’t be easy, their will be barriers along the way, and it will take pushing yourself beyond the tidy comfort zone of what you define as reasonable.  Oh yes, it will be worth it! Have brilliant week and welcome to November.