Today The People Speak, Election 2010

Today is Election Day and the people’s statements by their votes will be recorded, the experts will spout what it all means and the government will go on.  Today is a county holiday so those who want to can help out with the elections.  It is a day off for me and I am enjoying it and taking care of my own mental health.  Our democracy is very precious to me and I am sure to most.  There are many questions about how we can fix our ills as a nation and many who blame government for the problems.  From my viewpoint, the blame is on the blamer not on the structures we have set up.

Those who blame government for our problems come in several categories:  1. those who blame but have no real or workable solutions, 2. those who blame because they don’t want to be regulated, and 3. those who follow the lead of others without questioning. The first category includes the many who think that government is so bad they just want it eliminated, what would replace that structure?  If there was no government it seems like chaos would rule and then the ones with the most resources would take over by force.  That does not seem like a good idea.  How would we defend ourselves as a nation without government?  How would we keep greed from dictating all policies? 

The second category is made up of those are those who don’t want to be regulated.  That would leave corporation in charge.  Is that a good idea?  If the past 10-15 years of a government seems like a mess is was because government was less and less involved in regulating commerce and we had massive financial breakdowns.  How would that get better with greed as the only guided force?  If banks are not regulated by government would they be kinder to their customer or take more advantage of them?  Anyone who would say the banks would be kinder are in incredible denial.   

The third category includes all those who oppose government but do so because others say they should but they fail to question what would be best for the nation.  No one likes taxes but without taxes there are no services so the wealth pay for what they need and the rest of us live in chaos.  Those who don’t question but only blame are a great wave of destruction on the future of this country.  The blaming of government is financed heavily by those who don’t want to be regulated.  If we don’t question then we are doomed to be controlled by those who have all the influence.  That kind of government is called fascism where corporate rule is the law of the land.  This my friends would make the need for government very clear in a short time.  The middle class is disappearing and it will be gone under a fascist government.

Please vote for what will work, not for what others tell you, not for more power to greed, not anti-government, not for eliminating taxes if you care about the future of our nation.  We are the ones to blame and we are also the ones that will save our nation or damage it even further.  Step up and do the right things: think, be rational, don’t be run by anger, fight against greed, have compassion, stop blaming and see what you can do, find ways to make government better, and don’t forget this nation is about freedom and liberty not about making profits as our guiding principle.

One last point, there are no liberals or conservatives, there are just people who want better lives.  All the labeling is done by people who need to do something better than living in the delusions of their thoughts.