Present and Positive

Reading through the headlines at the Huffington Post where there are always lots of interesting articles, I came upon two that I think you will find worth reading.  One was on mindfulness and how it empowers us and the other was on positive attitude and living longer. These article inspired me to write this post about two very important qualities we can benefit from if we take the time to practice them.  These qualities are being present and having a positive focus for our thoughts.

Do you ever worry about money or the future?  Do you ever anxiously rehearse conversations you will have later? Do you ever spend time reviewing and obsessing over what you should have done?  You are allowing your mind to take you out of the now; you are no longer present.  This not being present is how most of us live and frankly it’s not working so well.  Being present allows you to fully be available to the infinite possibilities in the now.  Even in the most difficult of moments, being present minimizes the harsh impact of hard to be with emotions and opens you to the find peace within.  In the moment, joy, peace, compassion, and openness naturally arises.

Take a few minutes as you read this to sit back and feel yourself be present; present to the energy in your body and the energy of the place you are in; present to the sounds and what is available to be taken in by your sight; present to your body and sense the chair you are sitting on; and whatever else comes into your awareness.  Were you able to slow down? Now how was that to be fully present?   What did that feel like?  The more you practice tuning in the more tuned in you will become.

How does things work out for you when you are negative state of mind?  Is your attitude helpful or limiting?  The article above is from three research projects that all seem to point to the benefits of a positive attitude.   Attitude is just thoughts but positive attitude works better than negative ones and these reports seem to support that idea.   See yourself in a positive light feels much better than being critical of yourself.  Seeing the world through a positive lens is more hopeful than seeing it through the blaming and judging mind. 

Take a positive viewpoint for the next few days no matter what comes up.  Positive means you are going to focus on what is going well, what is feeling ok to you, see the gold not the crap of every situation.  See how you feel in this frame of mind.  See what emotions arise in response to your positive mindset.  See if you enjoy life more in a positive state of mind or a negative or fearful state of mind.

Have a great day being present and positive.