Mr. President, We Need Your Leadership

Dear President Obama, this election shows we as a nation need of your leadership.  A number of Democrats were tossed out of office because people are mad out politics not because they believe Republicans can do a better job.  The last two years have not felt like things got better for most people.  Many are mad because they only see the problems we all face with no clear plan on how this is going to get better.  

This is where you come in Mr. President, we need a vision of where this country is going, we need inspiration, ideas that make sense and renewed hope.  This is what leadership does and when you were elected you inspired great hope.  Your gift for speaking and sharing your ideas inspiring is exceptional.  We need you to use your gifts for the good of our nation.

People will gladly get behind a positive vision for the nation as long as they believe there is a plan that makes sense and will benefit all of us.  We would appreciate knowing that government can be a force for good.  As CEO of the United States, your job to lift us up and show us where we can go that will make a difference for the nation.  We need a program or a plan that lifts us up to dream of a world that meets the needs of the people, a world where we know if we keep working hard there will be better days ahead.

You are a very bright and charismatic person; those qualities infused the nation with hope in 2008.  Now we need you to stand strong, to point the way to a better tomorrow, to bring out the best in us.  People are ready, willing and able to rise up to greater heights if you give us clear ideas of where to go from here.

The time is now to move into action, to show us what will make a difference, to bring together the force of compassion, of commerce, of creativity, of connections to each other and energize positive change that will bring true prosperity and peace to all of us. 

Please Mr. President, the call has been made for your leadership to rise up and we need your words and plans on the airways all the time, we need you ideas discussed by everyone, we need you vision bringing light to the hearts and minds of all Americans.  There is no doubt you have the capacities to shine so bring so invite the best in all of us and we will not disappoint.