Loving-kindness Is My Religion

Loving-kindness is my religion,” this is a quote from the Dalai Lama and whenever I see it I am touched by the wisdom and truth of this.  I know loving-kindness is also my religion because I can feel it deeply in my heart.   Isn’t that where religion should reside instead of the world of thoughts and beliefs? 

Loving-kindness is the healing energy needed today in this country after a divisive election. 

Loving-kindness needs to be the intervention before people are locked up in prison.

Loving-kindness is the solution to all relationship problems every time.

Loving-kindness is the best way to handle people who attack because it is very disarming.

Loving-kindness is the best way to open up those who are pushing you away.

Loving-kindness is needed in the form of funding for all the social programs that are making a positive difference to those who are suffering.

Loving-kindness is so needed towards oneself because we all have a lot of thoughts that are critical and judging of who we are.

Loving-kindness is the best way to have good friends and co-workers that are fun to be with.

Loving-kindness is the key to another’s person’s heart because who can resist a loving and kind person.

Loving-kindness is the doorway into expanding consciousness because this allows us to be open to our higher nature.

Loving-kindness is the most direct path to happiness because the world seems so much better when we are loving and kind.

Loving-kindness is the guiding principle to keeping the body healthy through loving foods, kind exercise and the compassion of sleep.

Loving-kindness is the best form of meditative practice because only in being loving and kind can we see our true nature.

Loving-kindness is the path of emotional well-being through acknowledging and accepting how we feel.

Loving-kindness is the solution to most of the world’s problems because it has the ability to melt away what isn’t working.

Loving-kindness is the way to peace of mind guided by a loving heart.


Will you join me today and everyday and practice loving-kindness and then we will share in the light and joy of human nature at its best.