Seventy-Five Instant Inspirations

Today I have the day off so I get to spend more time writing my blog and having fun.  First I wanted to start with a reminder: over at Sounds True there are the most amazing free podcasts from their series call Insights At The Edge.  I am inspired and my consciousness is expanded regularly by the interviews on these podcasts.   If you want to be uplifted, to see the world from a brighter light check out Insights At the Edge (look to the right --> for Sounds True). 

Lately from the direction of a co-worker I have discovered a podcast series on PBS called This American Life.  This series is full of very powerful stories and well worth your time to download them and listen to them on your computer, laptop, or shuffle (mp3 player).

I find instant inspiration from both of these series is such a gift of enrichment for our lives.  When you need to be uplifted where do you turn?  There is always the sacred text in most religions.  There is also inspiration is the hero’s journey of others, the excitement of those who are exploring the human potential, the wisdom of deep insight, amazing stories of healing and expanding ways of being in the world, the beauty and amazement of a fresh and enriched perspective. 

Here are 75 instant inspirations to lift you up when you have had a challenging day:

Deepen and/or slow your breath for just a few minutes

Step outside and feel the energy of the natural world

Put a smile on your face

Go for a walk and sense your body

Go for a walk and encounter the beauty around you

Look into the mirror and directly into your own eyes and express your love and acceptance of who you are

Eat something that soothes you

Meet a friend for lunch

Walk through a botanical garden

Watch a funny movie

Read your favorite books again

Take out some paper and a pen and draw for fun

Call a friend and say “hi”

Bake cookies for someone who needs to be uplifted

Write or read poetry

Go shop for something that makes you feel better

Make a special meal for yourself and invite a friend

Change your thoughts when they are not uplifting

Talk more with people who are fun and inspiring

Do something you have wanted to do for a while

Forgive someone that you need to move on from

Forgive yourself from all of the past

Be present, live in the now

Think big thoughts about what you want to do with your life

Try acceptance and stop judging self and others

Play a musical instrument or sing

Do something different each day

Change what isn’t working for you

Follow your bliss

Take responsibility for you life

Learn to walk mindfully

Stop watching the nightly news

Set a positive intention each morning

Be grateful for your day before you sleep

Express your heart in some way each day

Listen with compassion to others

Daily say a positive affirmation about you and your life

Pray and listen for guidance

Watch your thoughts and remember they are not real

Spend time in silence

Get to know your higher nature

Play with your pet

Make a list of all you appreciate in your life

Take a nap and visualize being relaxed, renewed and reenergized

Eat a piece of pie with whip cream on it

Accept and respect your feelings

Quiet you mind by relaxing your breath

Tell others you love them

Bring peace to the world by finding your own peace

Relax and let go of the past

Trust in the future

Find happiness inside where it resides

Listen to an uplifting podcast

Write your hopes and dream in a journal

Stand out in the sun and soak in the energy

Go to the library and find inspirational books to read

Stop all complaining and blaming and instead do something that makes a positive difference

Focus on finding solutions not on problems

Be intimate with your partner

Play fun games that get you up and moving

Find work you love

Start your own blog and express yourself

Open up to the creative flow within you

Go for what you want

Be willing to take risks and be spontaneous

Learn how to go with the flow

Ask what is good for your well-being

Open your mind to new ideas

Find practices you like that expand your consciousness

Be willing to be guided by the universe

Seek your own approval and worry less about others

Take a day off and just have fun

Chant or sing verses that uplift you

Fully feel your footsteps when you walk

Spread some joy and humor wherever you go

Have an inspired day!