Please No More Need For Veteran's Day

It was Veterans Day yesterday and there are so many with PTSD from the awfulness of their experiences who suffer their whole lives because we as a nation let another leader put us into a war.  This pattern of every president doing some kind of war has to stop.  How come we let our government kill other people for a political and economic agenda?  We are always lied to about the war; about what terrible things we do in the war; and why we are in the war.  The patterns are so consistent, so predictable, so ridiculous and yet we allow this going to war to continue. 

Let me make something very clear.  We go to war for reasons like oil, precious medals, economic benefits not for the reasons we are told.  We go to war because those in power pump up our fears, by telling us bad people are out to get us and we need to get them first.  This fear-making story is the same story over and over again.  Wars wreck our national budget but make huge profits for those who make bombs and kill people for a living and it is called Defense. 

The threats may have some truth to them yet they are always greatly overblown and the methods we use are those of ego-based minds, which is to kill them first before they get us.   This is so primitive and unconscious yet it continues year after year, billions and billions poured down the drain to keep killing people who the so-called experts say are our enemies.  The real problems are not the “enemies” but us who put up with this nonsense.

Yes I am upset by this and it seems from my perspective we should all be.  What will it take for this to change?  It will take an effort by all of us to pay attention, to question, to demand changes, to take action, to say no more.  I wrote the president for 100 days and requesting we get out of the wars we were lied into.  Nothing happened and I decided that raising consciousness and expanding compassion was the best thing I could do to bring about real change.  Still nothing is happening and more and more young people in the military are being trained to numb their hearts and distance themselves from their spirit so they can be trained to kill others.  They do what they are told and are scarred permanently.   

I wish the best for those who make their living in the military but frankly I would prefer they all lost their jobs and were home making a positive difference here.  We need the best for all of our young people and that will never ever be war. 

Those that glorify war are just rationalizing their heartlessness.  Let us no longer have a Veterans Day for those that fought in wars but for those that are retiring from a life of helping their fellow human beings.  That is true service and so needed.