We Are Here To Connect To Each Other

Last night I watched a really interesting YouTubeVideo by Brene Brown.  She has a doctorate in social work and spends her time involved in research.  Her results are very interesting and support what you and I already know about human nature.  We are here to connect to each other.   This connection is heart-to- heart and spirit-to-spirit.

She shares that shame keeps us from feeling worthy enough to have the loving connections we want.  Do you feel shame about yourself and your life?  If you do maybe it is time to practice self-love so you can let go of any negative self-judging you are doing.  It takes compassion and courage to free yourself from the past.  Today is a good day to begin that process of releasing yourself from any limiting judgments, beliefs and ideas that keep your heart closed to yourself and therefore to others. 

The mind can be a prison of limiting thoughts that are so repetitive that you and I actually think these thoughts are true.  This inner dialogue is mostly a bunch of words that you give meaning to and act as if they are real.  Step back long enough to examine the reality of your thoughts and before the light of awareness will shine brightly enough to enlighten your viewpoint of yourself and the world.

You are here with the purpose of loving and connecting to others in ways that are enriching to you and those you share your life journey with.  If you are willing to be vulnerable and to risk being seen for who you are, you open yourself to endless possibilities and to experience lots of love and compassion.  You, with an open heart, are so needed in the world today to rise above the closed-minded and the numbed hearts. 

On a spirit level, you know that expressing love is why you and the rest of us are here and you know there is no separation so connection is a given if you simply drop the barrier of self-doubt.

Please spread as much love, compassion and kindness as you can and together we will raise the vibrations of the planet to towards more light and goodness for all.