Notes To The World, Part 2 – Your Mind Needs Training

It is time to train your mind.  Can you imagine a puppy not being trained and how difficult it would be having an untrained out of control grown up dog?  Well your under trained mind beats the nightmare of that dog anytime.  Your mind like most minds is like a runaway freight train off the tracks and heading for New York City; chaos on wheels and a disaster waiting to happen.  Imagine 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day ramped up, trained for unrest and firing off emotions like a machine gun.  Sorry for the graphic description but I hope it got you past the delusion that you are in control of your thoughts and internal dialogue.  In Recovery this kind of delusion is called denial. 

The mind is also an amazing asset more capable than the best computer money can buy.  The mind made mindful is like a fine tuned high performance car calmly waiting to move into action.  Quiet and still it sits ready to jump into gear and wow your expectations.  Thoughts and internal dialogue are the flow of the mind that either enhance your life experience or make it not so much fun.  When the mind is well tuned it is an idea machine, a creative bonanza, an impeccable memory, and a messenger of hope and happiness.

A good place to start this training is to become watchful as often as you can of what goes on in your thoughts and how you talk to yourself.  This watchfulness brings awareness, which is the basic ingredient in having a choice about the quality of your life.  If you see/hear the workings of your thoughts, you can then choose how to shape your experiences.  A positive thought creates a positive outlook and that feels so much better than a blaming or negative outlook. 

I know I have shared this with you and I want to emphasize this again.  Your thoughts (or mine) are not real they are just words we have assigned meaning to.  Why not put together a collection of thoughts that uplift you, that inspire the best in you, that give you an optimistic outlook, and that help bring you a greater depth of consciousness, compassion and peace of mind.

Training the mind is different than a Bengal tiger.   No whips or stools are needed; instead gentle and kind support and encouragement work the best.  You can’t beat a mind into submission but you can love it: into slowing down, into being more understanding and accepting, and into moments of being present.

Try this for a mind training practice: each day when you wake up set an intention to become best friends with you mind, to become intimately connected with your river of thoughts.  Being in a non-judging frame of mind will work the best.  As the day progresses take notes of where you want to bring more training to your thoughts.  After a few weeks of observations set up plan and training schedule and become the captain of your own ship of thoughts.  You can course correct along the way and one day you will reach your destination, which will be defined by your healthy and peaceful thoughts.

Where you take this is up to you, the possibilities are endless and the rewards are amazing at so many levels.

I prefer a quiet and peaceful of mind, what would be your preference?