Notes To The World, Part 3 – Your Heart Is Infinite

This series is growing each day as inspiration seems to be gaining momentum.  I wanted to say a couple of thing more about what I have in mind and then share about the hearts capacity.  The N2W is meant to be a collection of ideas about what is possible in all of us and how who we are can make a positive and significant difference in our world. The reason I have the audacity to take this task on is because it is clear that my writing is inspired beyond me, my experiences, and my work.  Most days my goal in writing this blog is to simply get out of the way of what inspiration wants to be expressed through my fingers on the keyboard of my MacBook.  I know from listening there are many people who know things need to change and are feeling called to be part of call to makes a difference.  In my small way, I am doing my part to respond to my call and the light that is growing in all of us.

Take a moment and become aware of your heart, feel the beat, notice your pulse.  This organ is more than a pump that keeps you going.  The heart has many of the same cells the brain does in its capacity to process information and make decisions that affect us.  There is great wisdom in the heart that collects the knowing of the body and your emotional intelligence.  This heart wisdom is a wise guide for enriching your life. 

Your heart’s capacity to love is infinite, that means you can love all you want and there is no end to how much more you can love.  You can love every being across all the universes and you still have plenty of love to give.  Love can come in many forms from self-love, to caring for others, to being kind, to having compassion for others, to the love of a good friend, to intimate love of a partner, to universal love of humanity, to divine love of Great Spirit, God.  We can have all these kinds of love and still have an endless amount to give in any way we want.  We can keep on giving love everyday all day long and still have more love to give in any way we want to love.   Feel your heart and become fully acquainted with how much love is possible.

Self-love is essential as a key to open the full capacity of the heart.  Many don’t begin to tap into the endless love in their heart because they decided to hold back on love of self.  Holding back on love in any way closes down the flow of love.  If you withhold love it shrinks away access to the infinite pool of love available to you. 

Today the practice is radical love and acceptance and self.  This means you must stop judging yourself and seeing yourself as not deserving of love.  These ideas of you not being loveable are always false and the product of your limited thinking.  Today change any thinking that limits your love for self and be in the flow of love that comes from your open heart.  You deserve all the love you can give yourself, which opens you to receiving lots of love from others.  A heart in the flow of love attracts more love.  Think of being in love and how your heart opens so much that you are filled with the joy of you at your most natural state.  Keep on loving yourself throughout your day. 

Looking into your eyes in a mirror and say you love you is a simple but powerful practice.  When you love you, you spread your light out into the world.

My commitment is to open in my heart as fully as I can so that I am always in the state of love.  What is your commitment to love?