Notes To The World, Part 5 – You Are Enough

The time has come for you and the rest of us to give up the idea that we are not enough.  I know it is time for me to take this enough question and rid it from any and all of my thoughts.  My 12 years of Catholic Schools and the sin-guilt nonsense stuffed down my grade school mind had a very limiting affect on me.  I use “had” here because frankly I am fed up to my nostradamus with these nutty beliefs taught to me by those stern and grumpy women dressed all in black. I am none of those limiting beliefs even though they have been very difficult to rid myself of after those early years.  

So lets take me out of this equation and instead go into your neighborhood.  What ideas of not being enough or not deserving are you running in your internal dialogue?  Where did they come from?  Actually the origin doesn’t matter so much, what does matter is if you carry the old beliefs with you today.  If so how would you know?  Think what do you want more than anything in your life?  Do you have it?  Has what you really want eluded you?  Have you felt unable to manifest something that really matters?  How often do things come easily and effortlessly? 

If the lack of results sounds familiar there are messages spinning around inside your mental velodrome that are about you and your enough-ness, your deserved-ness.   If this is a surprise, it is time to become mindful and discover the workings of your mind, you repetitive thoughts and your reoccurring self-talk.  Whatever you past training or conditioning entailed, you are the programmer of your life experience by what you think about daily.

Lets be honest about the frustrating or dissatisfying part of your life and agree it is time to take full responsibility for the results your create.  The lack of total success can ultimately be tied to the workings of your mind. It’s time to figure out what ideas you need to revise upstairs.

Maybe now what is needed is some kind of mental mind wash?  This could be a great business for tomorrow with a huge profit potential - a drive thru mind wash for $19.95 with a head wax upgrade for only $2.95 more.  So enough with the funny stuff although it is always helpful to keep things light, what does matter most is your programming of your daily experiences via the words that chatter through your brain.

Try this affirmation for a few days or weeks and see what happens:  I am enough and I do deserve that I want to comes to me easily and effortlessly.  Any thoughts or feelings that jump into your awareness as you speak this affirmation are just the ideas you need to clean off the hard drive of your mind.

Once you feel you deserve and are confident you are enough, you can count the kind of results you have been hoping and dreaming of for a long time.

I am enough. You are enough.  I do deserve.  You do deserve.  And that is that.