Notes To The World, Part 6 – You Are Divine

Your nature is divine because you are built of the same stuff of the entire universe.  You have the mind capacity of the creative force of all the stars, planets and living things.  Your potential is unlimited.  Your heart capacity to love is endless.  Your higher nature is one with the Divine Mind.  Your spirit/soul is not separate from the Great Spirit.  You are both a drop of rain as it falls into the ocean and also the entire ocean, this ocean is an ocean of consciousness.  You have the manifesting capacity to have whatever you want.  You can heal yourself and help others heal.  You can live a miraculous life filled with love, joy and peace.  If only you would believe in yourself, all of this is possible.

Your Divine nature and religion may or may not be connected.  Most religion has nothing to do with who we are but is a belief system designed by people who had little or no understand of their higher nature.  Your path to understand how infinite and amazing you are is mostly a solo one.  Yes you can be uplifted by the words of others but only if those words lead you to your own truth.

Look in the mirror and take the time to truly see the Divine, the most holy in you.  You can recognize the infinite inside by noticing how you feel.  If you feel: full of love, expanding in joy, rich in peace, energized by the moment, and connected to everything, you are sitting in your Divine nature.  This state of oneness is such a beautiful experience that it will remain with you forever. 

I have been blessed with this expansive place of oneness often because I have sought it out.  I am no different than you.  Your divine nature is the same as mine.  My practices have always included slowing down and becoming fully present.  There are many mindfulness and meditative practices that can help you get to this open place of realization.  Once slowed down enough to be fully in the now, the next step is to allow yourself to tune into what expanded states are available to you.  These states can include: a peaceful calmness; a clarity of vision that is vivid in new ways; a sense of connection to all that is around you; a feeling of relief as if you returned to who you are; a deep love for everything; a comforting knowing of you without boundaries; and a profound appreciation for the grace you feel.

My invitation to you is to take a walk into the nature of who you are beyond the conditioning, ideas and beliefs.  Step aside from the hurry/worry world and feel the peace of the present.  Find quiet time and quiet places to go inward.  Then slow down, breathe with awareness, feel you in your body but then go beyond that, drop under the word highway of the mind, touch in with your heart, make friends with your spirit, and let yourself be guided.  There is a wise knowing beyond your thinking mind that is one with the Divine Mind.  Spend time in this place of holy knowing and then let the light of your awakening shine out into your life and the world.

I am committed to the highest realization of Spirit in my life.  Would you please join me?