Pope Considers Condoms, Out Of Touch Or Not?

It is Sunday and I feel a little religious rant stewing in me. I have been writing my Notes to the World series this past week but then I saw a news healines that the Pope was considering the use of condoms.  I thought he was celibate? Yes I know he wasn't talking about using condoms himself but the social critic in me couldn't help but jump into gear.  I guess this is my way of join millions and doing my church thing on Sunday except with my different twist (or being twisted) of questioning religious beliefs?  I read the Pope is considering allowing Catholics to use condoms sometimes.  Wow is this guy out of touch with reality or what?  This is an example of a major corporation/religion trying to tell people how to run their lives and being so out of touch with the realities of life. 

In my work for a public health organization we give condoms to everyone who wants them.  This is a practical solution to a huge population issue and seems much more compassionate than religious dogma. 

I was wandering, does that Catholic Church provide financial support to all the poor people who keep on having children because they have been told birth control is wrong?  It seems to me that the Church is part of the poverty problem not part of the solution. 

Isn’t it time we all question why would anyone want to follow the dictates of such an authoritative organization run by mostly white males totally out of touch with the needs of the people?  Those in power in this mega-corporation truly lack moral authority because they live in almost constant contradiction to the teachings of love, kindness and humility.  What is the difference between religions and corporations?  Seems there is little difference at so many levels.

In my Catholic upbringing I met a few kind and compassionate priests and nun but in general most of them were stern, close-minded people who lacked any sense of humor.  I learned some positive values but mostly negative views of human nature.  Much of my adult life has been spent sorting out the nonsense I was taught in 12 years of Catholic schools.

Beliefs can be supportive to a better world or destructive and limiting.  Take the time to examine all your beliefs and you and the world will be better off for your closer look.