Notes To The World, Part 7 – You Have Unlimited Potential

Much of my early training as a mental health professional happened during a time in which there was a human potential movement going on around the world.  That movement has continued like a deep river through me and I wanted to share this river of what is possible in you and all of us.

From the moment of your first breath you come into the world equipped for genius of your own unique expression.  Not everyone is given Olympic athleticism but your body has potential to star in really an endless number of ways.  You may not be the next Einstein, or maybe you will be, but you have the mind to be a brilliant expression of a human being.  You potential to write, to create, to make others laugh, to gaze at the stars, or to explore has not bounds.  There is in you an unlimited and endless variety of possibilities that you are here to explore. 

Your exploration can take the form of an early prodigy to late bloomer.  You can know who you want to be and what you want to do from the beginning of self-awareness.  You can search much of your life exploring your potential and still be unsure of what your unique expression is.  You can be a brilliant parent, community organizer, special-ed teacher, chef, inventor, idea generator, engineer, botanist, animal trainer, badminton player, ecologist, designer and so many other specialties and few would have heard of you.  You could also be a mega-star golfer, pop singer, abstract painter, snowboarder, rock guitarist, motivator, novelist and be known the world over. 

There is in your genetic makeup, mind power, and emotional passion, the creative potential to be just about anything you set your mind on.  The only limits on you are self-imposed through past experiences, early decisions, hurts of the heart, much conditioning, and false beliefs about self and the nature of the world. All you have to do with your what is limiting you is change your thoughts and open fully to your potential.

What is calling inside of you to be expressed?  What makes you feel blissful?  What makes you feel alive and energized?  What have you always wanted to do?  What feels purposeful to you?  Where do you know you need to stretch yourself?  Where are you holding yourself back?  These are a few questions you may want to answer if you feel yet unrealized. 

There is still unlimited potential in you no matter where you are at this point in your life.  You can begin to explore whenever you want.  Exploring your potential begins by listening inside, by being guided by the wise silence in you.  When was the last time you sat down and brainstormed what you dream of, hope for, would like, what potential wants expression, and anything else that wants to arise from the unconscious into awareness?  If you open up to what you know inside there will be clarity about what potential you need to explore and express next.  This opening up and expressing your potential feels so good and so right so why not go exploring.  

I have dedicated my life to exploring my potential as conscious, compassionate and peaceful human being. There have been bumps in the road and much learning.  Where are you exploring your potential?  If you are confused, just listen in, it is not that hard to do. 

PS If you want some assistance in exploring your potential, I would love helping you do so.  Just drop me a note a