Notes To The World, Part 8 – Your Intuition Can Guide You

Do you realize that you have intuition?  How often do you tune into your intuition?  Do you allow your intuition to guide you?  If you allow your intuition to guide you through your day the rest of this post is already something you know and appreciate.  However if you are like most people, you may know there is a knowing in you but you tend to rarely pay attention to it or completely ignore it.  This post is about inviting you to more fully utilize your intuitive knowing because doing so will greatly enrich your life.

Let’s begin with the idea of what intuition is.  In my definition intuition is a state of knowing within us that arises beyond the ordinary mind.  The source of this intuition is not clearly known since it seems to originate from somewhere beyond our thoughts, possibly from our Spirit or Higher Self, from a Divine Source or from the Universe.  This inner knowing/universal knowing is in you for a reason; that reason is to guide you to the highest expression of who you are.

If you follow you intuition, you life flows along more effortlessly and with greater success.  If you ignore your intuition, you often bring suffering to your life.  This suffering happens because you go against what you know intuitively is right for you.

How do you get in touch with your intuition?  The answer is quite simple but not necessarily easy.  The way to your intuitions is by listening inward.  The more you listen inward the more your interior knowing will present itself.  Within your own silence is your intuitive knowing and the collective wisdom of all of life on the planet.  You always have available to you whatever you need to know if you only take the time to tune inward.

Simple little practices will help you fine tune your intuitive knowing: when the phone rings guess who is calling; if you don’t know what to do concerning a specific issue, ask for guidance and then notice where the guidance comes from and what it feels like; spend time tuning into those around you and explore with them what they are experiencing; pay attention to body messages; listen for reoccurring themes or songs in your head; open an inspirational book randomly and see what guidance it has for you.  If you are open the guidance will come in many different ways. 

You know your guidance is right when it feels right, energizes you, lightens up the situation, or brings clarity.  You may feel your intuition in your gut, have a flash of inspiration on the inner screen of your mind, or receive guidance from the outer world. 

Each day my goal is to be guided as fully as possible by my intuitive knowing because I have experienced this knowing enough to understand its wisdom is far beyond my ordinary mind.  Will you join me and also allow yourself to be guided by your intuition throughout your day?  If we all live intuitively our light will shine more brightly on those around us and that would be good for all beings on the planet.