Notes to The World, Part 11 - You Do Better With Self-Awareness

Structure can be both inhibiting and freeing.  In my treatment program our clients in general need more structure because at some level they appreciate knowing clearly what is expected of them.  Structure is important for people early in their development.  On the other hand, I appreciate the lack of structure and enjoy being more spontaneous.  I am far from early in my development yet always hungry for more learning and for higher expression.  Each of us is unique in what we need and it is helpful to learn what works for us.

Unfortunately most of us were raised in families, schools and other environments in which we were made to conform to the norm.  In that extensive conditioning we often had to deny what we were sensing and feeling because we were told what to do.  Our earliest years taught us a lot about not paying attention to our own awareness.  Much of adult life is about coming back into our essential state of awareness.

Awareness is a very personal journey involving tuning into the busy workings of your mind and inner dialogue.  Awareness is feelings your feelings from a place of acceptance and exploration.  Awareness is being in your body and noticing its ebb and flows, its openings and blocks, and the endless amount of information that comes in through your senses.  Awareness is a relationship with your intuition, higher nature, your heart, your knowing beyond the ordinary mind and your spirit.  At its least complicated, awareness is being fully in the moment.

If you are aware, you know the wisdom of the body; you understand the complicated nature of your thoughts; you respect the guidance of your emotions; you follow the compassion of your heart; you live in harmony with what matters to you; you place great value in the silence wisdom within you, and you fully realize that beyond you there is a greater universal force.   All these pathways of knowing are there for you with a great purpose.  That purpose is to show you how to live the life you desire, you hope for, and what you are here to do.  To say you don’t know what to do would mean you are not in awareness of the wisdom trying to guide you every moment of your life.

Awareness has been sought out by all the greater wisdom teacher through human history.  Never in that history has there been more ways to explore awareness than there is today.   There are opportunities for awareness through teachers, counselors, coaches, books, cd’s dvd’s, youtube, seminars, meditative practices, and through the silence within you.  There is always more to explore in this information age.

If you want to be more aware, go inward or go in search of some one who can guide you.  Awareness begins inside and can be greatly enhance by the guidance of someone who is willing to show you ways and practices that will enhance your exploration. 

I live as fully in awareness as I can each moment.  I keep on learning every day on how to do that even better.  If you want help, myself and others are out there ready to encourage and support your journey.