Wikileaks Are A Positive Thing

I found myself reacting to the news yesterday and as best I can I try to stay away from doing that.  The wikileaks storm is so interesting.  Two FOX personalities who claim to be Christians call for the execution of those who are leaking this secret information.  Maybe they forgot some of the basic teachings of their religion? 

Frankly, I cheer for those that are bringing secrets out into the open.  Our governments are full of secrets, our corporations are full of secrets, we have whole departments of government that only do secret stuff.  We have secret societies that have too much power.  The world of finance is full of secret accounts.  People hide their family secrets and on and on. This all seems so fear based and unhealthy for all of us. 

Why do we have to hide what we do from each other?   Is it because what we do is wrong or unacceptable?  Is it because there is no rationale for what we do?  How come so much of what goes on in governments and corporations is suspicious behavior.  Are there really no higher values guiding these people who insist on keeping things secret? 

The rational BS for the secrets has always been to protect us.  The truth is these secrets are to protect them from being held responsible for their actions. 

How come it is ok for a president and his administration to lie us into the war in Iraq that we provoked but it is wrong for people to publish secrets that we all should be aware of to hold people accountable?  How come many corporations run entirely by greed are allowed to keep what they do from public scrutiny?   How come people are allowed to have secret accounts and secret business deals that are so anti-environment and anti-what is good for the people of the planet? 

Isn’t it time we have transparency?  Yes confidentiality is important and so are some issues of security but so much gets hidden from the eyes of the people to protect the hiders not the people.  Think torture by the Bush administration, think the shady workings of Monsanto, think the US in the past overthrowing governments like Haiti not that long ago.  Think BP and the oil spill misinformation.   There are so many examples of secrets hiding the truth.  Think of the 3rd building coming down on 9/11 with not reasonable explanation. 

The more the secrets are out the better for all of us. 


Today is World AIDS day, if you feel compassion for those with AIDS do something to stop the spread of this horrible disease.