Notes To The World, Part 12 – You Can Feel Good About Yourself

Tomorrow is a very long day at work with an early morning meeting, a drug court appearance for a client, check in with the 6 clients in treatment, individual therapy and an evening group.  I am worn out just thinking about it.  I am writing my blog tonight and posting it because I will not have time to in the morning.  Full days may be difficult but they also can make me feel as if I am doing something that matters.

So what am I inspired to write tonight?  I have been thinking about ways that will always makes you and I feel good about who we are. 

Here are the 5 best inner guidelines to live your life in ways that will make you feel positive about yourself:

You can always feel better about yourself when you live according to the values that matter most to you.  If for example your Top 10 values were compassion, honesty, peace, personal growth, loyalty, health, freedom, friendship, spirituality, and forgiveness you would ideally want to live accordingly to them.  The goal is to live according to what matters to you.  If you have important values and you live in conflict with them, you most likely don’t feel ok about yourself.  Living in alignment with what is important to you will make you feel as if life is something you value.

Paying attention to your intuition is a great way to feel good about yourself.  When you allow yourself to be guided by what you know deep inside is right for you, you end up creating the life you want.  Ignoring your inner instincts inevitable leads to unnecessary suffering.  Following what you intuitively know is best for you will lead to amazing success.

Living with a purpose in mind can so enrich your sense of self.  Your purpose is unique to you and living that purpose is rewarding to both you and to those around you who get to feel the benefits of you being you.  A purpose driven life is full of meaning and joy.  When you live with meaning and happiness you feel uplifted and this brings out the best in you.  The world is so much better when you live your purpose as fully as you can.

When your follow the guidance of your heart life just seems so much more worth living.  Your heart is so wise about what matters to you.  Your heart is full of compassion, kindness and caring.  Living by the wisdom of the heart means you have so much more to give and are so much more open to receive.  Let you love flow and everything will work out for the best.

Lastly and maybe most important is to build a deep and meaningful relationship with your spirit, your night nature.  There is within you so much more than you have yet to realize.  You are one with the Great Spirit and living in the grace of that consciousness will brighten every day.  You will always feel good about yourself when you express the divine creation you are. 

Let these five ways show you how to live.  I commit to explore, and live according to my values, follow my intuition, live with purpose, follow my hearts knowing, and expand more fully into my spirit each day.  Are you willing to do the same and have a wonderful life?