Notes To The World, Part 18 – You Can Focus On The Beauty

My wife and I live in Boulder Colorado, which is a very beautiful place.  There is lots of greens space with mountains providing the landscape if you look west.  There is natural beauty everywhere especially on a sunny day.  This community is also rich in artistic expression so there is man made beauty to be found in abundance.  To live in natural beauty, to appreciate the beauty of human creation is so enriching to life.  What is you community like as far as natural and man made beauty?  Do you life in an environment of beauty?

There is also human beauty, this beauty comes in the way of a beautiful smile, twinkling eyes, the radiance of the spirit, the glow of an open heart, the enjoyment of genuineness, the innocence of a child, and the pleasure of interacting with fun personalities.  All this beauty begins inside of us and spreads out into the world.

If you go looking for beauty you can find it.  If you are not open to seeing the beauty around you, it won’t be found.  Beauty is something you are receptive to or not.  The more you are receptive to beauty the more you see what is beautiful around you and inside of you. 

Something about appreciating beauty is nurturing and expansive.  When you take the time to appreciate a colorful sunset, you feel more alive.  When you listen to a favorite song, you can feel uplifted.  When you look into the eyes of a loved one, you can feel the heart open even further.  When you appreciate a moment of insight, you can know more deeply your spirit.  When you sit and listen to a stream, you can be guided to the place you have wanted to be.  Beauty takes you places in life you might miss otherwise.

How do you open to beauty?  The beginning of opening starts by slowing down and getting to know what is around you.  Just slowing down and taking in your environment will introduce you to the beauty of the place you are in and the people you are around.  Once you slow down and are present you become more aware and things become clearer.  In awareness and clarity you can see much more of what is going on.  You can see the patterns of all kinds of life.  You can see the vibrancy of colors and feel the subtleness of textures.  You can sense your connection to everything.  You can feel more energized and alive.  You can even drop below the noisy mind and feel at peace.

Beauty happens in the moment and the more you explore beauty the more it enriches your life.  Make a commitment to see the beauty both inside and around you today.  Let the beauty expand your experience of life.  Let beauty touch your heart and lift you up.  Let beauty fill you with hope for yourself and all of humanity.  Earth is such a beautiful planet.  You are such beautiful person.  Those around you are such beautiful beings.  Feel the joy of realizing this is a beautiful life.