Tax-Cuts For The Rich Will Never Worked For The Rest Of Us

The tax-cut issue is very significant from my vantage point.  The Reagan Era windfall in tax cuts for the rich has greatly hurt our nation.  They continue today.  The Trickle Down economics of that time are still used today to rationalize letting the rich get huge tax breaks.  This Trickle Down theory was a bogus idea that rationalized breaking the government for the good of the wealthy.  I am not an economist but it is for sure clear to me that giving the rich who have the most money huge tax breaks is causing our country to run at a deficit.  Also as long as corporations get away with not paying their fair share of taxes we will always be in financial trouble as a nation.

That same Reagan Era named the Communist Party as the force we needed to be protected from.  This outside force actually was more prone to self-destruction then to any of our policies.  The real dangerous force that went wild during that era and it still running loose is the Money Influenced Party, which almost all of our elected officials in DC are members of.  This Money party has a clear agenda to expand the money of those that have it and the rest of us are all labeled as those who seek entitlements.  Entitlement is the judgmental word the Money Party uses to categorize everyone who is not rich and uses any government programs.  This is fancy word for their bias and prejudice against most Americans who are not rich like them.

Tax-cuts for the rich only help the rich and hurt the country.  The creating jobs rationale is in fact not true.  The money goes to more investments (just investment numbers not jobs) and to holding larger reserves of cash in corporations.  The CEO’s make money and the top shareholders make money when we let them off of their tax responsibilities.  Does that seem fair and right to you?

Now I want to try and tie all this to a bigger picture from my perspective as a mental health professional. One point is that the human ego is a huge driving force in this country and it is about seeking more power, having more control, and never having enough money.  The more money the better even when the ego driven person has billions they want more.  The ego is never satisfied because it is always run by fear. 

Another point is that in Washington DC things don’t change because the rich, the powerful, the corporations all are run by egos and their fears.  Fear closes down our capacity to have compassion.  When we are in fear our thinking becomes very narrow and we are stuck in survival mode.  In DC the survival mode is about keeping in power and the thinking becomes narrower the longer they stay in power.

The truth is that fear is the dominating force used to rationalize huge military spending, rationalize bailing out incompetent management of banks, investment firms, car companies etc.  Fear is the rationalization of all our war activity.  We humans for centuries have been run by fear.  This fear is really not necessary if we get together and work things out.  Unfortunately fear breeds more fear and more distrust and we become blinded to simple solutions.

Stepping away from all this drama create by our thoughts, all this fear reactivity, all this power seeking and greed, what we have are those in charge who have lost touch with their hearts, we have leaders who are blinded by their fears, we have government dictated by those who have the most money influence, and we have people who can’t be trusted because of their fear they have little or no connection with their higher nature.

There is really so much to say here and so much to be concerned about where we are headed.  The mental health part I understand and have ideas to help but the policy stuff has so much to be sorted out by people who can think bigger in these areas.  There is for sure such a need for compassion and consciousness.  What ideas do you have and where can you lend support?