Notes To The World, Part 17 – You Have A Calling

Would you take the time today and look into a mirror and begin to get acquainted with yourself.  Look into you eyes and ask what is your calling.  There is a unique purpose only you can fulfill because there will only be one of you in human history.  You have to be you as fully as possible. 

This calling has most likely been in your awareness for some time and you may be living that calling today.  You may also have ignored this calling trying to play it safe, be more practical or some other rationalization.

Your calling may be a quiet whisper, a demanding urge, a gut instinct, an intuitive knowing, or other ways that your higher nature is trying to communicate with you.   It is best to listen carefully to what you are being guided to do.

Your calling cannot be ignored because it is your calling.  To turn away from your calling would be to turn away from the meaning in your life.  Living a life absent of meaning never feels good but you probably know that if you have wander for longer without much purpose. 

This calling in you can evolve over time and you can get clearer about your calling by exploring it.  Some people may know their calling from childhood, maybe you are one of the fortunate ones who are blessed with clarity.  The rest of us figure it out as we go and most likely that is what you are doing also.

Here are 12 clear signs that you are living your calling:

  1. You feel very alive about what you are doing
  2. You have lots of energy and seem to rarely run low
  3. You are enthusiastic about your work
  4. You are passionate about what you do
  5. You would do what you do for free but making a living doing it is even better
  6. You wake up each day ready to live with as much intention as possible
  7. You create results almost effortlessly
  8. You are filled with inspiration
  9. You are in an almost constant creative flow of expression
  10. You think lots about your calling even when you are not doing it
  11. You feel good because you know you are making a difference
  12. You feel as if you are realizing your potential

If you don’t have at least a number of these signs, you may need to further explore your calling or fine-tune it.  If you have none of these signs it is time to do a thorough inner search, listen more deeply, and pay more attention to your intuitions.  You can also ask others what you do the most naturally and effortlessly because these are signs also. 

If still no zing in life there are additional possibilities. 

  • You could find a personal coach or counselor to help you. 
  • You could find a psychic who is recommended by people you trust. 
  • You could go on a vision quest and invite insight through a practice. 
  • You could get out a journal and write with in openness to guidance. 
  • You could take some time in nature like Thoreau and go inward and find your way. 
  • You could pursue different interests and see which one catches on. 
  • You could sit under and tree like the Buddha and open to awakening. 
  • You could go on a vacation, travel and play lots and see what comes to you. 

There are so many possibilities open to your exploration.

When you arrive at your calling and decide to live it your calling will be a joy and your life will enrich the rest of us.