Notes To The World, Part 16 – If You Find Your Stillness

Would you join with me and turn inward in search of the quiet stillness that resides in you and I? 

Close your eyes and take three long slow exhales and inhales.  The longer and more full the exhale, the deeper the inhale.

Begin to slow down enough that you can start the journey into the center of peace within you.

As you slow down become acquainted with the thinking machine called your brain.  This busy mass of cells can produce huge amounts of noise between your ears throughout your day. 

The goal here is to drop below or rise above the noise.  Whatever image works best.  I like the image of rising above since I think of you being in search of your higher nature, your higher wisdom, your higher state of peacefulness.  Others prefer dropping below as if you go under the flow of chaos into a deeper and more peaceful stream of life force. 

Once you disconnect from your rapid river of thinking you begin to get a glimpse of slowing down and who you are beyond your thoughts.  This place of quieter awareness is rich with insight into your more expanded nature. 

As you allow the tuning in to go deeper you can come upon the quiet pond of stillness that resides in all of us.  This silent place of stillness is like an oasis for the mind.  All you have to do is be present, relax and enjoy. 


There are several really interesting possibilities once you arrive at the point of stillness inside. 

One is that you realize your stillness is connected to the stillness within everyone and that this stillness is throughout the entire universe.  This moment of enlightenment connects you to all of life. 

Another possibility is that in the realization of connection to all things, you also realize that you are connected to the Creative Force of the universe.  As a verse from the Bible says, “Be still and know I am God.”  In your stillness you find your divine nature.

This brings you to a third possibility, which is that you have the same abilities to create your world as the Creative Force has to create the universe.  If that is true then you are the creator of your life experience and if that is true you can recreate your life into any form you want it to be.  Think about this for a few minutes will you please.  You can create the life you want.

So what is next if you have this power to manifest this wonderful life?  What is next is that you come to the metaphorical pond of stillness and you drop the image of the life you want into it and let the ripples spread out across your pond, out across the combined ponds of all humanity and then across the entire universe.  Once these waves cross the universe they begin to bring thought into action and into form. 

Look around you and see that everything made by us humans began as a simple ripple of a thought.

Now are you ready to get creative?  Start by doing what practices that help you relax, then move inward until you arrive at the shore of you pond.  Once you are there, take the little package of potential called your desire and drop into the pond of possibilities.  Before you know it this package of desired potential will be joining forces with the Great Creator and together you will produce the results you are clear enough to deeply and quietly imagine. 

Ok, now is the time to connect with your stillness and send out the waves of possibilities that you know you are here to realize.