Looking For Other Consciousness Raising Activists

You are much more than you realize and here at this blog I am always writing to invite you into a greater understanding of who you are and what is possible.  My Notes To The World series was created as part of this ongoing effort to assist you to wake up even more.   I too am always growing and so are the many clients I work with so I know this is the way of human nature.  The expansion of consciousness is available to all of us.

I have a particular agenda tied to you and all my readers which is to support your growth.  I want to encourage and inspire as many people as possible to expand their consciousness.  The reason for this focus is that I am a social activist that understands that real change that is good for all of humanity will probably not happen on a political level.  The nature of politics is that it is run by human ego’s rather than higher consciousness.  Ego’s will not be positive forces for change because they are driven by: the need for control; to need to be right; are blinded to other viewpoints; are run by beliefs that are not even based in reality; and are mainly driven by power and greed.

Today in this post I wanted to re-energize my focus for my mission for peace through consciousness and ask if you have ideas because I want to figure out how to increase my positive impact on the world.   I would love more readers and ways to make this blog more impactful.  Your ideas would be greatly appreciated.

In addition to my blog, I wanted to share with you several sources of inspiration and consciousness raising.  The Sounds True free podcasts I have mentioned before.   Please check them out and you can do so by following the ad on my blog.  Another interesting place to check out is a series on public radio called On Being.(updated)  The interview of John O’Donohue on 11/25/10 is awesome.  As mentioned in a past post, The Moth podcasts (updated) are great stories that are sure to lift you up.

If you have a social activist heart like myself and want to be a guest blogger at the Explore Life Journal please send in ideas and articles and if they seem appropriate I will publish them here.  I know that together you and I have all the power we need to bring about real change and I want to support that in any way I can.

If you are interesting in working together we can also form a network of consciousness raising and social activism.  I am open to your ideas and am grateful to you for reading my blog, for having an open mind, and for wanting to make a positive difference.

2011 is just around the corner, I am intuitively feeling an urgency toward more social action and expanding consciousness.  I am certain it will be a good year for consciousness and social activism.  Would you join me in whatever way seems right for you? You could start your own blog, get involved with a cause that seems important, start a letter writing campaign, or whatever feels right to you.  Together we can accomplish more than we might imagine.