Notes To The World, Part 15 – Your Intentions Make Things Happen

A few years ago Wayne Dyer wrote a wonderful book called Intentions.  You can find this book in your local used bookstore and it is well worth reading.  Intentions are very powerful.  If you set an intention to make something happen in your life, there is a an excellent chance you will succeed.  Setting an intention means you have gotten clear about what is important to you and now you are determined to make what you want to happen.  This clarity of thought with a willingness for action can be powerful forces for shaping your reality.

Intentions have at least four important components:

The first is a clear image in your mind about what it is you want to manifest.  A mind that can visualize results has a very good chance of making these results happen. 

The next component is about emotions and heart.  For intentions to be fully empowered your heart has to be involved.  You cannot do anything of significance without heart, without the passion and power of your emotions. 

The third component is a body that is open, flexible and willing to move into action.  If your body is closed down or bound up energetically, the results of your intention can be mixed. 

The forth component is your spirit, where what you want, joins forces with the universe.  If you are distant from your spirit, you intentions will be more superficial and less meaningful. 

These four factors are so important that it would be helpful for you to understand them even more.  Your busy mind rarely slows down enough to get clear.   To slow down and tune in is essential to find what it is that you want.  In the quiet of the mind there is a higher knowing that is a helpful and trustworthy guide.   This knowing knows what is right for you.  Practices like mindfulness, meditation and contemplative prayer can help quiet your endless parade of thoughts and help you find what matters most.

Once the mind settles and your emotions are not all over the place, then your focus can be enhanced.  In the quiet clarity of your heart’s wisdom there is energy to make ideas come alive.  The heart always knows what is better for you than your mind.  The heart is good at directing waves of attractive force towards what you intend.  When you get all charged up about what is important to you, your heart is usually the source.  Feel the passion of your heart aligned with your intentions and then imagine loving the results you create.

The body when relaxed and rested stands waiting for action.  Your body is full of life force and it wants to make things happen.  If you fuel it well, push it enough and give it time to recover your body can keep on driving to the finish line of your intentions.  Your body with its gut instincts is also a guiding force you can trust more than the ramblings of your mind.

As you expand your awareness of spirit, your higher nature, you realize this aspect of who you are is unlimited and awaiting your direction.  In the stillness of spirit anything is possible.  With mind, body, emotions and spirit working together desires have to move from thought to form.  The moment you drop your intention into the stillness of the field of unlimited possibilities and let the waves ripple out into the universe, extraordinary things begin to happen.  These waves are so charged that they can bring into the material world what your mind can imagine, your heart can desire, your body can energize, and what you spirit can create.