Notes To The World, Part 14 – You Are Energy

Deepak Chopra says you and the rest of us humans are made up of energy and information.  If you were to take a close look at your structure with a super microscope, you would see you are made up of tiny particles in constant motions.  According to information available, you have within you enough energy to light up a small town for a month.  Yes the energy does ebb and flow but it is always in you in abundance. 

What does energy mean to your life?  Your food intake, digestion, breathing, and needed rest fuel the energy flow of your brain and body. Your energy powers your brain, which is used extensively in moving your body.  Your body moves you about and allows you to take the actions necessary for life.  A healthy flow of energy means the well-being for you mind, emotions and body.  This bioenergy equals your life force.

How do you build up life force?  As an energetic being you will do well by: eating food that sustains you; getting the rest you need; breathing fully; having thoughts that lift you up; experiencing your emotions (e-motion = energy in motion); and by expanding your thoughts that take you beyond the ordinary mind.  Energy flows when you open to the flow.  Meditation, yoga, tai chi and a variety of healing techniques all can open you to a rich flow of energy.

How do you use up energy?  At a metaphoric level how do you give away too much power/energy?  Not taking good care of your body burns up lots of energy.  Feelings can wear you out.  Living your life in a hurry and worry mode.  Thoughts can be a huge energy drain when you focus on blaming and complaining because you are giving away your power to others.  Each time you place others in the way of what you want, you give your power to them.  Here are some examples: getting mad while driving; being upset at others because they don’t live up to your expectations; having anger towards those you do business with because they want you to do thing differently; unfinished issues with parents, partners, friends, family etc; being negative and critical of self and others; spending time worrying; being impatient and uptight; letting anxiety build up in you; and so many more ways. 

All of the above energy draining examples can be changed toward increasing energy if you change your thoughts.  Your thoughts are powerful and they can be energy allies or energy drains. 

Let’s take the simple example from above about driving in traffic.  If you commute to work and back you probably have had many energy draining thoughts.  You may have gotten caught up in blaming other drivers for their poor driving.  This blaming puts you in the role of a victim, which makes you feel powerless, and if you tune in you can feel the life force draining from you in this state of mind.  These thoughts are not real (you are not a victim in this circumstance) and they are actually toxic to you.  If you instead use your FM radio or CD player, you can listen to relaxing music, a comic you enjoy, a foreign language learning program or some other really interesting show or even started singing.  Any of these activities would help you feel better and uplift your energy.

Think of yourself as a river of energy flowing toward the life you want.  Set intentions and visualize each day what result you want to create.  Have positive thoughts about yourself and your life and you will feel an energetic flow that will keep you going strongly throughout your day.