Out Of Body Experiences

It was a very long day yesterday and when I finally sat down to write my first draft of today’s post, my energy was waning.  I ready the student’s finals on the bus ride back to Boulder and got home at 10pm.  Tomorrow I will return to my Notes To The World Series.  Today I want to give you a brief update on my experiment with the out of body techniques of William Buhlman. 

I got his series on How To Have An Out Of Body Experience over at Sounds True (see ad).  I got interested listening to William being interviewed on the free podcast series called Insights At The Edge also at Sounds True.   He believes that out of body experiences (OBE’s) offer an endless path for personal growth and expanding consciousness.  

About a month ago I began some of his exercises and I am please to report that I have had some very interesting experiences and feel my consciousness has been enhanced.  The experiences include being able to travel out of my body to places I want to go to like one of my favorite viewpoints of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Barbara.  I can close my eyes and go there almost instantly even though I am in Boulder.  I can go visit people anywhere and check in on them.  I can bring healing energy to those I know in need.  I can alter my state so that I feel free of the limits of my body.  This all feels as if it is really enriching my life.

I also notice that I am more energized, more tuned in and have a greater sense of impartiality both for myself and for the dramas of others.   My interventions with clients have a greater clarity to them.  It feels like the burden of the intense work I do has been lifted. 

As this experimenting goes on I feel its immense potential to enrich every aspect of my life.  There is so much to explore and as I listen to the CD OBE’s program, I am excited about all the learning opportunities that I now have.  These experiments are just beginning and already I am experiencing the benefits.

Just writing about this is exciting to me and I feel a strong desire to take more time for experimenting.  If you want to see what I am talking about, head over to Sounds True and checkout William’s offerings.  I am really glad I did.  You can also find out more about him and OBE’s if you Google these topics.