Notes To The World, Part 19 – It Is OK To Feel Positive About Yourself

Today I was thinking about positive words and wondering why is it so difficult to change the word stream in our mind?  What I notice in most people I work with as clients, as students and as staff is they so many are run by the negative programming and self-doubt.  That no matter if they explore and add new positive ideas they still seem to be run by their conditioning.  It seems it takes so much to offset the deep program we received as children and continue to re-enforce through our self-talk.

How do you break the cycle of self-doubt and low self-esteem?  Is it ok for you to love and appreciate yourself even if you received very little if any of that growing up?  How come it is so hard to receive positive feedback and compliments and so easy to be harshly self-judging?  Where did these self-limiting ideas come from and why do you perpetuate them?

Negative ideas about self are almost easier for most people than having positive thoughts.  You might argue this point but if you took the time to really be mindful of your own thoughts, I suspect you would be surprised by how judgmental and critical you can be towards yourself.  I read that Dalai Lama said he was surprised that so many people disliked themselves.  He said that is not true in culture. 

So what should you do?  I suspect a reprogramming of your thinking and self-talk is in order.  If you made an effort to have 1% positive improvement in you inner dialogue each day, you would be 100% improved in just over one season.  Here is my idea to make this Winter, a Winter of contentment with self.  To do this you need to integrate at least one optimistic idea into who you are each day.  Then by the time Spring comes along you will have moved yourself in a definitely more positive direction.

Here are a number of ideas in affirmative first person statements that would be worth a Winter of contemplation:

I live with a passionate purpose

I deserve the life I want

I am a good person

I can have the love I desire

I can give love easily

I fully and completely accept myself

I enjoy being who I am

I am excited about life

I have an endless capacity to give

I can be compassionate to myself and others

I am patient

I am bright and wise

I make a positive difference in the world

I have qualities others will value

I am both a humble and gifted person

I am open to learning

I am ever expanding in my consciousness

I am mindful and present to my life

I am free to be

I can watch myself free of judging

I am grateful for who I am

I love my body just as it is

I appreciate the beauty that is in my life

I am able to slow down and take in what is around me

I can play and have fun

I can do things that make me feel good

I am in touch with the wisdom of the stillness within me

I am powerful as a person

I am in touch with my potential

I am creative

I have an infinite heart

I fully accept all my emotions

I am enough and more

I am aligned my higher nature

I follow my intuition and it leads me to a great life

I am more and more self-aware

I have a bright light inside of me and I can share it

I am full of endless energy

I am filled with radiant health

I am totally committed to being fully myself

I am in a nurturing relationship with my spirit

I am open to the highest guidance

I respect my body and take good care of my health

I believe in myself

I trust my inner wisdom to show me the way

I am a social being that enjoys the relationships I build

I choose my experiences of life through my thoughts

I keep on growing each day towards my highest expression

I am filled with the joy of my infinite nature

I live in the grace of the moment

I am a great friend

I spread loving-kindness wherever I go

I am a supportive and loving partner and/or parent

I am filled with the warmth of my caring heart

I let the child in me show me how to enjoy life

I am worthy of great things

I am open to the infinite supply of the universe

I am kind and understanding

I am grateful for each day

I am at peace with myself

Let me know how this goes this Winter, I am sure you will love the results.