Follow Up To Last N2W On Feeling Positive About Self

The list in the previous post is a good one but do not hesitate to add more affirmative phrases.  The list is for you to try these affirmations each day and to begin to reshape your own inner view of self.  The best way to do this is to print the list in the yesterday’s post and tape it to the wall in your bathroom and begin each morning by repeating one of these affirmations while you look into your eyes via the mirror. Allow yourself to feel what it feels like to appreciate who you are.

The mirror is not just there to shave in front of, for flossing your teeth, or to enhance the beauty of your face.  The mirror is a great tool for growing a positive sense of self.  Too often your mirror is used by the inner critic to beat yourself up. This way of self-judging is from your past and needs to be discontinued from day one of this inner practice toward a more positive self-esteem.   Mirrors are a reflection of you but you must be open to see your full beauty, to offer yourself words of encouragement and to affirm you as an OK human being.   

Daily with positive statements and compassion towards yourself, you can begin to feel much better about who you are.  You really are amazing but for too long you have been blinded by your own limiting and critical thoughts. 

Please take the time to do this Winter practice for A Positive Sense Of Self (APSOS) as a way to enrich your self-esteem and your life.  If you are interested and willing to do this, you are invited to begin on the first day of Winter on December 21st and go until early Spring in late March.  During this colder and darker time of year you will grow a warm sense for self and bring more light into your life.

Today is Friday, Sunday I will be on a plane to visit my family in Oregon.  My blog posts through Christmas Day may not be daily but I promise to keep the ideas flowing.  Also the New Year is quickly approaching and take some time to set at least a few clear intentions for 2011 and I will share ideas that will help you be very successful.