True Experience To The Rescue

"All conditionings are based on belief. And my whole effort is that experience should be the only criterion, not belief." Osho 

I came upon this quote today and I wanted to share it with you because its message is an important one if you want to enhance the experience of you life if 2011.  This represents a major shift in how you and I both look at the world and the experiences of life. 

Most of the time, your life is shaded by your beliefs so much so that you don’t actually see the truth of the moment.  Everything is colored by the beliefs and ideas you hold.  Pure experience is exceptional because usually what you think about and your past experiences keep you from seeing what is. 

For the next few days try this experiment: Every event or situations you find yourself in, take the time to step back and see what is really going on free of you onboard biases.  This may seem complicated but here is how you do it.  You imagine yourself back from the situation or off to the side.  Notice your reactions, notice what you expect, notice what you wouldn’t see if you hadn’t stepped aside, notice your thoughts, notice the judging mind and in the midst of all of this do your best to be impartial, free of criticizing what is going on. 

This stepping aside or stepping back (or even imagine rising above the situation) allows you to be an observer, allows you to see beyond your ordinary sight, calls upon your intuitive seeing also, and calls on you heart sense of what is going on.

This is a powerful practice because it allows you the distance and objectivity you need to really see and sense what is going on.  This practices removes you from the habit driven and conditioning of your life and allows you to see from your higher nature.  In doing this, awareness is expanded and you awaken higher consciousness into your life.   With higher consciousness, all your world begins to change.