Notes To The World, Part 20 - You Can Make A Difference

I have it on good authority (thousands of near death experiences across many cultures) that there are two questions asked of us when we die.  What did we learn about love?  A great question and already talked about in my N2W series. The second question was, what have you done to make the world a better place?  That is the topic of this post. 

All the work you do is of little matter if you do not use your talents, skills and potential to make a positive difference in the world.  You have a special set of strengths that you are unique to you.  What you do with what you have been given will define your life.  How big of a difference are you willing to make?  Are you playing small or large in your life?  Where are you holding yourself back?  What do you know you need to do but have not yet done?

These questions are important because you have to answer them in your own way.  Settling for less is not what you are here to do.  Arguing for your limitations is below who you are.  Playing it safe isn’t for you unless you lack a courageous heart.  You have been given all you need to succeed if only you are willing to go for more and take the necessary risks.

Look around, there is so much that needs your attention, so much that would benefit from your ideas, you energy, and your heart.  What activities, ideas etc call you?  What makes you feel most alive?  Where does you intuition want to guide you?  Pay very close attention and you will be guided from within.

Yes you can join with others.  Yes it is ok to seek guidance.  Yes you can try things out and figure what is right for you.  You make up your own rules but a major part has to be action.  It can be quiet action.  It can be bold action.  It can be just doing what you know you need to do.  What you are to do is not a passive activity but is vibrant with life.

What has been calling you deep inside and are you willing to listen, plan and act?  The time is now.  Your impact on the world is needed.  Without you at your best the world will stay more troubled.

Here are things to keep in mind as you venture out into empowerment:

Find your center

Sense your energy

Be willing to jump into the unknown

Listen carefully inside

Be mindful

Have a brave heart

Spend time in stillness

Let nature be your guide

Feel you connection to all things

Be aligned with your inner peace

Push fear away by loving what you do

Move your mind from limited to limitless

Clear away lurking limiting ideas

Let go and open yourself up

Go with the flow

Be optimistic

Express your passion

Live with purpose

Say yes to life

See things free of judgment

Have a relaxed intensity

Open to the unity consciousness

Have more fun

There is always more to explore and express


You can spread love, compassion, kindness

You can teach new ideas

You can awaken consciousness in yourself and others

You can work to keep our streams clean

You can help the homeless and hungry

You can lend a hand to those in need

You can bring people together

You can be an explorer

You can invent solutions

You can lead with compassion

You can raise money

You can show others the way

You can give of your time

You can lend your support in many ways

You can be thoughtful

And much more but it has to be you doing you not you doing what others think you should do


Make January 1, 2011 your launch date and go full speed ahead until you cross the finish line of you life.