Compartmentalization Or Unity

So how do you view the world?  Much of humanity is made up of compartmental people who judge and place people, ideas, beliefs in their “proper” compartment.  Once people, places and things are compartmentalized, it may feel less confusing but is it? Each of us was raised to be a judging machine placing everything into one of two major categories either “good” or “bad”, with lesser categories like: with us or against us, acceptable or not, right or wrong, ok or weird, etc.  We judge therefore we are, is the mantra we have been taught.

If you doubt the truth of this try not to judge anything or anybody today and see how well you do?  Notice how often you label and categorize your actions and those of others.

The opposite of this is unity consciousness or the realization that we are all connected to each other.  No matter the idea or beliefs we have, we all share this small dot of a planet in a great big universe.  What we do, what we think affects everyone.  In the full realization of unity we see everyone as our brothers and sisters and even more accurately, we see everyone as us.   In this state of unity consciousness everything is as it needs to be and if we allow it, things work out well. 

If you want to explore the truth of this, take time today to feel your connection to all that is around you. Start by noticing how connected you are to your family and friends and then expand outwards.  Sense the knowing presence that emanates from all living things and tune in to experience this wisdom.   See the threads of similarity that flows through you and everyone else.  Enjoy the peace that comes from being in a connected world.

We are all one but if we insist the ego-mind will be glad to shape our thoughts towards our differences and all that is wrong. 

So what will it be: will you argue for your differences and insist on setting yourself apart from others or will you seek to find the common ground and build relationships with your fellow human beings?  Either is ok, but one is really true and a lot more fun. 

One other thought, if you stop all the judging and compartmentalizing, you will liberate you mind to create a much richer reality in the now.