In Search Of The Watcher And Beyond

It has been a very long day.  As I sit down to write the first draft of this post it is 10:45pm.  I don’t know what I will write about yet but I have total trust that if I get out of the way I will be shown.  Sure enough an image has arrived.  Yesterday in my treatment program I was sharing a perspective about the nature of who we are and I found myself writing up on the board three levels of awareness. 






            Ordinary Thoughts

Ordinary thoughts are the noise that flows through our mind most of which is with little awareness, repetitive, and focus on obsessing about the past or worrying about the future.  This is the state we are in almost all of the time unless we can step back and observe our thoughts, feelings and actions.

The watcher is our capability to observe our thoughts and behaviors impartially, without judging.  This observing rises beyond the mind and is a knowing beyond ordinary thinking.  This aspect of who we are might be called our higher self, Self, our true nature, spirit, our soul or by other names. 

What separates Ordinary Thoughts from the Watcher is a matter of expanded consciousness.  Without an expanded consciousness the watcher remains unrealized. 

The Divine is the creative force of the universe, God, Source Energy, Allah, or whatever it is known to us as.  This Ultimate Source is rarely identified as a level of awareness we are capable of realizing.  This however is the deep calling within which is our Divine nature seeking to be expressed

The separation from the Watcher and the Divine is not as large as we might guess. Actually the distance between knowing our watcher and knowing our Divine Nature is only a slightly more expanded level of consciousness.

What this is all means is that as we expand our awareness we can dissolve the separation between ordinary thought and the watcher.  If we have employed the watcher in our life we experience a great deal of personal freedom from the conditioning of the past and the anxiety producing force of the ordinary mind. 

The next step, which is not a big leap is to then realize our Divine Nature, which means we are one with the creative force of the universe.   We have the same capacity to create as the Source of the Universe does.  This potentiality within us is what many of the great metaphysical teachings are guiding us toward.  If we are fully able to realize this knowing our life will be magical. 

These levels of awareness came very clearly yesterday as I was sharing ideas with my clients in treatment.  As you may be able to sense I am still integrating this new clarity.  Is this perspective helpful to you?