Together We Can Make 2011 – The Year Of Positive Changes

Today is New Years Eve and I feel very excited about 2011.  I have so much I want to do, give, explore, create and be fully present to in this coming year.  It feels like 2011 is a transformative year.  I have no facts to support that but a very strong intuitive sense.  What is your intuitive sense for this next year?  What are you looking forward to experiencing?  What intentions are you setting for yourself?

I have a comfortable clarity about my intentions and they are more inward focused then outward.  The inner focus will produce the outer results I would like to manifest.  What follows are the inner intentions I want emphasize in 2011:

One is to be fully present as much as possible each moment of each day.  The present is where all the action is and where love, joy, and peace arise naturally.

Two is to be much less judging and instead be in my inner place of stillness.  The mind is way too full of judging which gives it little space to be super conscious and extraordinary.

Three is to be more open in my heart and let compassion expand each day inside of me.  A loving heart spreads kindness, light and love everywhere it goes and that is what I want to do most of all.

Four is to listen to my intuition throughout the day and be guided by this my higher nature.  When I follow my higher Self through this inner voice I will create a wonderful life for myself and the world around me.

Five is to each day seek more consciousness.  Higher Consciousness is the key to a better world both personally and globally.  As I wake up more so too does the collective “we” and that is a very good thing.

Six is to do a great job of self-care.  Self-care means to nurture my mind, care for my body, be accepting of my feelings, and expand my connection with my spirit.  If I care for myself, I can better care for others.

As I commit to act according to these intentions each day, I expand my capability to fully express my purpose, to act from compassion, to open to the prosperous flow of the universe, and to make a positive difference in the world. 

Would you join me in this endeavor in any way that expands you? Please feel free to add or subtract from my six intentions and together we will power 2011 into The Year of Positive Changes.