Finding Balance

Yesterday my friends sent me this colorful picture that inspired me to write this blog post.

I see the yin/yang symbol in this photo as did my friends Dan and Miriam.  You might see two cats on a baby blanket and that would also be true. This symbol comes from Chinese philosophy and it shows the energy of opposites within the whole; about finding balance between the yin, which is receptive and feminine and the yang, which is forceful and male.  Balancing the Yin and the Yang is important at many levels.

If we have too much Yang we are pushy and controlling.  If we are too much Yin we are passive and lack assertiveness.  In relationships couples need to figure out how to balance their energies or they won't be able to stay together.  At work if we are too "yin" we may not get the promotion we had hoped for or to often go unnoticed.  If we have too "yang" at work we may irritate our employees or seem insensitive.   In social settings the yin tends to be quiet and introverted; the yang is outgoing and noisy.  Imagine a flowing stream and a bull in a closet.
Finding balance in all areas of life is helpful.  Balance keeps both energies on hand so that when flow is needed yin is utilized, when boldness is called for "yang" is appropriate.  Both male and the female aspects are present in all of us.  Creative males are often in touch with their flowing side and executive females may access their inner bull-ness.  
Energetically we want to be have both stillness and strength, flow and passion.  At night our energy may be more “yin.”  In the morning we may be more “yang.”  When a convincing presentation is called for the “yang’ energy may be needed.  In a sensitive negotiation the “yin’ may be the needed ingredient.

Take some time to notice where our energy is at and how we can amp up when needed or amp down.  At night the “yin” energy helps us sleep.  If you tune into the energy you will know what is needed.  You can hit a powerful “yang” drive off the tee but need a “yin” putter to get the ball in the hole.  

Experiment and see what works best for you with loved ones, at work, in competition and socially.  Tuning into this energy will deepen your sense of self and enrich your chances for success.   

Peace Letter #41

Dear Mr. President,

The ego-mind is difficult to change because there is so much invested in having control, being right and looking right as you can see from all those who feel they need to oppose just about everything you do.  

This presents you and the nation with significant barriers to positive change.  You must conserve the energy you use trying to encourage the opposition towards your proposals.  They are not able to bend because of their ego is invested in the story in their head.  

Your best bet is to wake us all up to what is needed with a new positive story about what is possible.  We all share dreams and desires for a better life for our families and ourselves.  

Please move us away from war toward a optimistic view of what is possible for our nation if we work together.   

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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