Aligned With A Higher Knowing

Maybe it is because my body is aching lately with this congestion and because work is so in transition that I feel myself feeling uncertain.  When I get to this state of uncertainty, I know it is time to tune in more.  There is a place in me (and you) that is clear and fully awakened.  That place I call my Spirit or Higher Self. 

I was just reading an account of a person who had a near death experience where he was dead for over an hour and a half.  He had terminal cancer and he and his caretaker had an agreement that when he died the caretaker would leave him undisturbed for as long as she felt comfortable.  He had read some interesting writings about the first couple hours after death so he did not want his body to be messed with or moved. 

His accounting of the journey into the light is really mind expansive and if you care to read it, you can do so here. 

There were a number of powerful images and ideas that stood out from this story of being in the light.  The image that really had impact for me was the idea of the Higher Self matrix in which the Higher Selves of each of us is connected as if we are all one being.  Each of us is a different aspect of this one being.  To say “we don’t know” about anything would be inaccurate from this connection to each other.  The guidance of the collective consciousness, the highest wisdom of humankind is always available to us.  This knowing within is so much greater than the ego-mind.

Back to my life filled with uncertainty, I decided as I was writing this to come up with a meditation/visualization that would connect me to this Higher Self Matrix so that I can always be aligned and listening.  Here is the step-by-step meditation and please feel free to explore and adapt it with me:

•    Take three long slow breaths emphasizing the exhales
•    As you complete these breaths let you mind, heart and body open to your Higher Self  (This sense of Higher Self [Self] will vary in each of us)
•    As you connect with Self continue to breath in a deep yet relaxed manner
•    You might imagine this energetic body around your physical body with a stream of light flowing both into the top of your head (crown chakra) and extending out into a place where it links in with all Selves
•    As you link in to this Being of Selves be sensitive to how this connection feels
•    Explore further the feel and sense the energy of that connection and what it does to your sense of self and Self
•    Take as much time as you need to explore this connection with the One Being and how enhanced you feel
•    As you practice the connection and get comfortable with it, you can then tune in by listen to the guidance made available to you and also by requesting guidance for specific questions you have
•    The more you practice this interchange of self and Self and One being the more the channel will open
•    Soon you will have all the guidance you will need to create a joyous, loving, purposeful, prosperous and peaceful life

Share what you learn as you go and I will do the same. 

Peace Letter #42

Dear Mr. President,

Everyone is a critic these days because they are run by emotions rather than their higher nature.  When survival is forefront in people’s lives their deeper thinking mind is pushed aside and reactivity takes over. 

The GOP strategy is fear based and this gets people in full reactive mode.  The opposite of fear is hope and compassion.  As humans we cannot in the moment be both in fear and have an open heart.  The story you need to tell is one of hope and compassion because a nation with hope for the future and compassion for each other will push aside fear and center itself on a positive mission.  

Please take war out of the story as soon as possible because it is based on fear. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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